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Type II Episode 7: The (de)Evolution of Mike’s Song

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This week the crew moves into a new direction. Scott, Tanya and Drew discuss the history of Mike’s Song. They start in the early days and discuss how the song has evolved, and eventually, devolved, into 2010.  The framework used in this episode will be repeated in the next 2, at least, as a complete overview of Phish in the 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 eras.

The first part of this episode will cover the early days. Scott sets the stage and talks about how Mike’s began, the name changes it took in the very beginning, and how it started the “song suite”. From its inception, Mike’s presented itself as a rager, as a song for Trey to wail on. A clip from 5/8/89 is presented to illustrate Scotty’s point.

Then, Tanya takes us to the days of a “beautiful Mikes jam”. The crew feels this era began with NYE ’92 and continued through 1994. It is during this time that the F major jam was started, the song gained legs as being more experimental, and it is worthy to note the frequency at which Mike’s got played, nearly every other show. A clip from 12/30/93 was chosen for this segment.

Up next, Drew discusses the “Glory Days” which he is calling 95-99. During this period, there are many stellar versions of Mike’s to choose from. He dives right into the 11/11/95 clip, and as you could guess, he labels this one epic. After giving due props to 95, we lead into a clip from 8/13/96, again, hitting that epic territory. Finally, Drew touches on the funk that was 97 and the often overlooked jams of 98 and 99.

Then, Scotty brings it back home and breaks down where Mike’s went in Phish 2.0 and 3.0. And, as the title of this episode suggests, we feel Mike’s has tamed it down a bit, and is not the jam vehicle it once was. Scotty notes that the F jam has disappeared, and the song returns to the late 80′s, early 90′s versions which were essential Trey driven. One version which caught the eye of the panel though was 12/28/09, which we grab a clip from.

Finally, the group wraps up a general discussion of the song, I throw out some questions our listeners might be interested in, and we make predictions on the role Mike’s will play in the 2010 holiday run.

Be sure to tune in next week when Sam, Eric and Justin will take us on another nerdy journey into Phish’s history.

Be good,

- Stephen Olker


Type II Episode 6: How Would You Like Your Thick Strawberry Goo?

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This week we begin to branch away from Phish’s 2010 Fall Tour as Steve, Drew, Sam, and Justin take a look at two Phish “classics” and how they’ve been effected by the Phish 3.0 mindset. Justin gets us started with two classic Halley’s clips, featuring the tremendous Binghamton ’95 Halley’s and the silky-funk driven verrsion from the ’97 Hampton run. As the discussion turns to Tweezer we share a few clips from some of the favorable versions of 3.0. Featuring the massive Camden and Red Rocks Tweezers from 2009. We also feature a clip from the July 3rd, 2010 Tweezer that segues majestically into Slave. We wrap things up with a listener email sparking conversation on what kind of effect the availability of instant SBD’s might have on the perceived quality of Phish shows.

Please leave us a comment or send us an email at typeIIcast@gmail.com and let us know what you think. We look forward to next week as panelist Drew, Scott, and Tanya will join Steve to breakdown the evolution of Mike’s Song.


Type II Episode 5: Subtle Sounds

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Fall tour was so darn good that we just have to keep talking about it. Last week we reviewed the “best” moments of tour and this week Steve, Eric and Tanya discuss some of the “subtle” moments. Moments that may get lost in all the big rock pyrotechnics of Zeppelin covers and bust-out improv. We pulled a lot of clips ranging over the course of the entire tour to discuss how Fish led some of the finer moments and how the fitting tribute to a legend may be the most subtle and endearing moment of the current era. And what show would be complete without a little stumping for our favorite engine that could…Time Turns Elastic.

Thanks for listening and let us know what you think in the comments or by following us on Twitter (@typeIIcast)



Type II Episode 4: A New Hope

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We’re wrapping up an amazing conclusion to Phish Fall Tour 2010 this week. Scotty, Drew, Eric and Steve discuss the shows from the past week in both Manchester NH and Atlantic City NJ. Obviously one of the main highlights was Phish’s traditional Halloween costume on the 31st. In a bit of a surprise selection, the quartet absolutely slayed their rendition of Little Feat’s classic live album Waiting for Columbus. We discuss our highlights from not only from this year’s album, but how it stacks up against years past.

As if we had anymore time we spent a lot of time discussing how much “FUN” Phish shows have become and why this is a sign of great things to come. Finally, we wrap up with our thoughts on the tour as a whole and our personal highlights, in which Eric finds himself on a little island we like to call “Denial” when it comes down to choosing the best show of the tour.

We hope you like it, leave us a comment or send us an email at typeIIcast@gmail.com and let us know what you think. We’ve got no plans for our next episode, so help us out with some of your ideas.


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