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Type II Episode 4: A New Hope


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We’re wrapping up an amazing conclusion to Phish Fall Tour 2010 this week. Scotty, Drew, Eric and Steve discuss the shows from the past week in both Manchester NH and Atlantic City NJ. Obviously one of the main highlights was Phish’s traditional Halloween costume on the 31st. In a bit of a surprise selection, the quartet absolutely slayed their rendition of Little Feat’s classic live album Waiting for Columbus. We discuss our highlights from not only from this year’s album, but how it stacks up against years past.

As if we had anymore time we spent a lot of time discussing how much “FUN” Phish shows have become and why this is a sign of great things to come. Finally, we wrap up with our thoughts on the tour as a whole and our personal highlights, in which Eric finds himself on a little island we like to call “Denial” when it comes down to choosing the best show of the tour.

We hope you like it, leave us a comment or send us an email at typeIIcast@gmail.com and let us know what you think. We’ve got no plans for our next episode, so help us out with some of your ideas.

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25 thoughts on “Type II Episode 4: A New Hope

  1. Great insight, the levels to which you guys take this are amazing. I really appreciate the time and insanity that you bring to my addiction.

    I have to agree with the 3-1 choice for 10/30, especially since it’s the only show I saw this year. Damn I got lucky!

    Love the new “type ii” podcast concept. Wouldn’t mind doing some pics of a studio session to get you guys some images to use for the blog!

  2. i’m with wyman. Augusta was bomb, and the Reba was indeed sublime

  3. I really enjoyed listening to this…keep goin with it! love the clip from 10/31 stash, hadnt heard that

  4. guys, love the thoughtful criticism. you clearly have a dense knowledge of the music and are proficient at discussing it. BUT – a couple minor notes, not to be presumptuous. please FADE the music cues, the abrupt stops are rough. AND – maybe edit out some of the dead space in between comments? although podcast 4 was smoother. anyway, just nitpicking. great work. please keep it going! KA

    • Thanks Keith, we’ll fade those tracks more. I think I used a 2 second fade, but you are right. We’ll make those flow a little better.

      Still working the kinks out, thanks for all the support!

      • I haven’t listened to this episode, but while on the topic of commenting on the podcast itself… in the previous episodes, during the tracks, I can hear the panelists (or maybe just one, I don’t know) typing away on a keyboard and their IM sounds are audible. While I realize sitting there for 2 minutes in silence can be rough, mute your mics or something because it’s distracting to those of us trying to listen to the music.

  5. hey eric – one question: is there any way to confirm that trey or someone in phish may have been influenced by the hidden track poll about “golden age” like u guys mentioned? my wife and i LOVE that tune. it’s so cool that the band is listening to what fans are asking for. but that’s just speculation, right? can’t wait for the next podcast… would love to be a guest for the MSG shows! i’m NYC based and i can talk phish for HOURS!!… KA

    • Keith – It was pure speculation on my part in regards to that specific article, but I know (and god, I feel the douchechills coming as I type this sentence) that Trey has read some of our Phish-related content on Hidden Track in the past. It’s not beyond the realm of possibilities that our survey results make it to the attention of the band. :)

  6. Stephen, et al:

    That installment was fantastic. I’d give it a solid 85-90% improvement over previous episodes. I really dig that almost all of the extraneous sounds have been eliminated. I agree with Keith regarding the fades, but the overall quality of this episode was so highly improved upon that the fades really didn’t bother me. I also think that, perhaps, the guys that led the discussion in this episode, have a more natural inclination for doing so.

    The flow of this installment was really natural, almost as if there was some practice or rehearsing in preparation for it. Maybe it was because Halloween is such a high-energy deal for the band and its fans, but I was really impressed. Great job, guys, and looking forward to the next episode.

    And, just as I’m signing off, the Skype chat pops in on “Light Up…” D’oh!

  7. Hey dudes,

    you guys are awesome…keep it up. I was at Manchester and it blew my mind open. Can’t wait to listen to Augusta and the 10.30

  8. Great show! Keep it up.

  9. Does anyone find the Little Feat selection BORING? Everyone loves the choice!? Phish covers many Zeppelin songs on 10-30 than plays LF? Everyone went nuts for Zep. High energy rock. It’s a let down to play something LF in leiu of Zep. I don’t own waiting for columbus bc it’s a snoozefest. Phish Halloween is always a let down except for 96. These people discussing Phish all just sit there and love everything they do. They need one guy to be the devil’s advocate. Boring…. zzzzzz…….

    • I’ll have too say the LF cover isnt doing it for me…..yet. Enjoying these podcasts very well done Thanks Eddie P

    • We’re all still being a little nice to each other I think. I don’t think we NEED a Devil’s advocate per se. We just all agreed on the quality of the effort. I will agree with you that, in a sense, Halloween albums are a bit of a letdown. Expectations are way too high.I don’t think I find myself going back to relisten to them exclusively quite often.

      That being said, I think this year’s effort is well done and a song will emerge from it that will fit nicely in the rotation. Zeppelin from 10/30 was a fun treat, but it was awful execution. Sure, if they were playing the album in its entirety they would lear the words, but as was alluded to the vocal range is too much for Trey or Page to handle. I think their representation of Zep was the best they could have done.

  10. That was easily the longest I’ve ever heard Hitz talk about Phish without saying the word fuck or fuckerpants.

    I enjoyed the podcast a lot. Thanks for the great Phish analysis. I will definitely tune in again. The thoughtful mix of grounded criticism and founded fluffery had this Phish geek firmly enthralled.

    One highlight of the podcast for me was the brief mention of Trey’s wah-wah playing. He took the whole jigawattica thing to such a level in 98′ and I just never got over it. With so many space funk Tweezer jams in the world, I’m sorry, but the occasional Black Eyed Katy section of Moma Dance is clearly not a big enough showcase for such a polished part of Trey’s arsenal.

    I was pretty surprised that not one panelist chose the Halloween set as the tour’s best. I agree that the Zep-fest was fun and spontaneous, but I don’t think you can rank it above the Little Feat set. I’m a much bigger fan of Zep than Little Feat, but it’s easy to get carried away. I was not there, and I know I would have been losing it if I was, but from my couch-tour p.o.v. it was just too loose to put it over such a well played Halloween set for me. This also speaks to the high quality of the vocals of 10-31. I have to laugh when people predict Zep Halloween sets, and to me 10-30 was more evidence of why it can’t work for them. Vocally, they have no prayer of pulling off the hammer of the gods that is Robert Plant. I’ll take a fully harmonized barbershop version of Bogart over Trey trying to squeak out Heartbreaker any day. I will say that the Chalkdust-Whole Lotta Love thing was pretty sick, especially how smoothly they came back to Chalkdust. Probably the best segueing in and out of Chalkdust that I’ve heard since 12-31-03.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights. Keep it up guys! I thought I might also “pimp” (ha) the 46 Days from 10-12 since it wasn’t mentioned and was a tour highlight for me.

    Carini had Bubonic Plague!

    • +1

      “Vocally, they have no prayer of pulling off the hammer of the gods that is Robert Plant. I’ll take a fully harmonized barbershop version of Bogart over Trey trying to squeak out Heartbreaker any day.”

    • You’re just hating on my love for 10/30 because you’re looking up at me in our fantasy league!

      The Little Feat set was clean, crisp, and inspired. I just thought that the Zeppelin madness of 10/30 was dangerously close to fully tapping into the stop on a dime free for all that were many moments of Phish 1.0.

      It was of course short on execution in spots but the segue you mentioned from Whole Lotta Love back into Chalkdust might just be a sign of things to come!

  11. Hey guys- love the show. But where’s the Utica love? Unbelievable show!

  12. Great work guys! Between a new job and tour this is the first episode I’ve listened to and it’s even better than I expected. Of course, thanks for the shoutout as well.

    The commentary on the great melodic action in the 10/31 Stash is right on and can also be applied to the Carini’s this tour. The melodic jamming in these tunes that are typically dark have been exciting.

    As for best’s / picks etc:

    Best show: Utica
    Runners-up: Augusta, Manchvegas, 10/30

    Few other jams to check out: Charleston CE&P, Providence Carini and Sanity, UMASS Caspian -> Halfway, UMASS Stash, Manchester Light (overlooked given late set2 craziness), AC Carini + Stash.

    Weirdest cool moment: UMASS Roggae -> Taste

    Loving the fun phish,


  13. Let’s just say that you not picking the show with a Tweezer Zeppelin segue-fest as your favorite is, as Jimmy Page would say, not bloody likely. I’ve seen the look on your face as Trey slinks into the Tweezer riff one too many times, my friend. As you may remember, there was also a classic rock station in AZ known to us as “The Zeppelin Challenge.” Sadly, I have also seen what happens to you after turning the dial of my 87′ LeBarron in hopes of finding a Kashmir, only to be greeted once again by the strains of Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. Not pretty to say the least.

    I’ll admit that expecting flawless execution in a seemingly unrehearsed moment is a little unfair. I would contest that upon further review that this wasn’t completely spontaneous. If you listen to what Trey plays right before they drop into Heartbreaker, he seems to signal the band with a few Jimmy Page signature over bends. This must have been discussed. Also, coming out of Heartbreaker (which is conveniently in the same key as Tweezer) they manage to jam their way into the key of D. This is a whole step down from the original version of Ramble On, making singing that chorus a little more doable. Key-wise, it is also a nice bridge into Thank You, another singable Zep classic. As you said, if only they could have made the segue back to the Tweezer riff and into the Stairway outro smoothly… (also not coincidentally in the same key as Tweezer)

    I think we can all agree that the bar has been set pretty high in terms of how well the preceding Zeppelin covers have come off. I mean, who doesn’t love hearing Trey rip off the Good Times Bad Times solo note for note? There is a reason that Trey and Page double each other on the vocals though. It was definitely ballsy (or perhaps foolish) for Trey to try singing Heartbreaker alone.

    Okay, you deserve some props for taking over first place in fantasy, especially with Moss being such a non-factor this year. I wouldn’t get too comfortable on that perch if I were you. It is going to be interesting to see how those bottom two playoff spots pan out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the champ emerges from below…

  14. There is NO WAY that the Zeppelin segue was “spontaneous”. It was unrehearsed for sure (save for maybe running through the basics in the practice room, I assume). But in contrast with the end of the Manchester Weekapaug, it was Time Turns Elastic.

    Trey gets off on the crowd going ape shit. I might be so bold as to say that he “wished” he’d be playing Physical Graffiti the following night. It killed two birds with one stone. They played some Zep without facing the fact that they butchered a Halloween tradition. Little Feat was well executed and well received.

    BTW, The best part of the medley was the Ramble On. The 98 version is nails on a chalk board. Page sounds awful. Having Trey sing it in the lower key was a smart move. I’d love to hear that again.

    • I also think Page’s teasing of The Rain Song and then Thank You towards the end of his Coil solo is more evidence of a scripted Tweezer Zep-athon.(and some props for Page) Whole Lotta Love seems like it could have been unplanned. So cool how they made the tempo changes work in that segue. A very nice example of Trey and Fish being locked in.

      The Ramble On from Alpine has it’s merits. Page is obviously painfully out of his range, but the way they harmonized the guitar solo and then used it transition into Mike’s is pretty bad ass.

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