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Type II Episode 5: Subtle Sounds


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Fall tour was so darn good that we just have to keep talking about it. Last week we reviewed the “best” moments of tour and this week Steve, Eric and Tanya discuss some of the “subtle” moments. Moments that may get lost in all the big rock pyrotechnics of Zeppelin covers and bust-out improv. We pulled a lot of clips ranging over the course of the entire tour to discuss how Fish led some of the finer moments and how the fitting tribute to a legend may be the most subtle and endearing moment of the current era. And what show would be complete without a little stumping for our favorite engine that could…Time Turns Elastic.

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9 thoughts on “Type II Episode 5: Subtle Sounds

  1. Tanya’s comments on Makisupa/Night Nurse were right on. The contrast of light and tribute, great stuff.

  2. Thanks for listening :)

  3. Fantastic job on this episode, y’all. Really good stuff. I was concerned that, having had such great material for the previous installment, that this one could’ve potentially been a dud, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. I feel like the volume from Tanya’s mic has improved, and the overall flow of crew commentary has become quite professional. As for the technical stuff, tremendous strides there as well.

    Two questions/comments, though:

    1) Eric mentioned someone’s name in regards to going to their “page” for downloads. Said name seemed a bit inaudible. Can you repeat it? Also, I’m curious if discussing where/how you get clips and downloads is a possibility.

    2) One of you (perhaps Eric) said something regarding overdiscussing TTE in previous episodes, and I couldn’t disagree more. Perhaps memory is failing, but I don’t remember much discussion at all of this track since the podcast’s inception. What am I missing/forgetting? I think TTE could warrant enough material for its own episode.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. I’ve loved Eric’s passion for Augusta over the past few episodes.

    I was lucky enough to see Augusta thru Manchester and I have to say, I agree with Eric.

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