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Type II Episode 6: How Would You Like Your Thick Strawberry Goo?


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This week we begin to branch away from Phish’s 2010 Fall Tour as Steve, Drew, Sam, and Justin take a look at two Phish “classics” and how they’ve been effected by the Phish 3.0 mindset. Justin gets us started with two classic Halley’s clips, featuring the tremendous Binghamton ’95 Halley’s and the silky-funk driven verrsion from the ’97 Hampton run. As the discussion turns to Tweezer we share a few clips from some of the favorable versions of 3.0. Featuring the massive Camden and Red Rocks Tweezers from 2009. We also feature a clip from the July 3rd, 2010 Tweezer that segues majestically into Slave. We wrap things up with a listener email sparking conversation on what kind of effect the availability of instant SBD’s might have on the perceived quality of Phish shows.

Please leave us a comment or send us an email at typeIIcast@gmail.com and let us know what you think. We look forward to next week as panelist Drew, Scott, and Tanya will join Steve to breakdown the evolution of Mike’s Song.

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5 thoughts on “Type II Episode 6: How Would You Like Your Thick Strawberry Goo?

  1. Great show! Give the Merriweather Tweezer a second chance – the outro is fantastic. Two small requests:

    1. Is it possible to post in the show notes a list of the dates and song titles of the clips that you play (or recommend?), so we can look up full versions?

    2. Similarly, are you able to link to sources? I was particularly interested in the source of the Hampton Halley’s – much crisper than the version I currently have.


    • Thanks for the reminder on that. I added it into one of the previous posts as a track listing, but have neglected to the past couple weeks. Purely oversight.

      Also, I’ll make an effort to identify sources with etree or spreadsheet links where available.

      • The 11/21/97 Halley’s was from the “From The Archives – LivePhish 5th Anniversary.”

        Most of the FTA shows are available through the Phish Spreadsheet. This particular one is direct linked here: http://goo.gl/uKYq0

        You’ll also find a complete remastered AUD of 11/21 on the Spreadsheet as well.

  2. hey dudes,

    love your podcast and listen every week. Just wanted to clear up the proper definitions of melodic and chordal soloing.

    Chordal soloing is when you are playing over a set of chord changes…meaning that in an a song like divided sky…there are a number of chord changes in the “cycle” that keeps going around and around during the end solo. These chords build tension and release and chordal soloing is when you are playing over those chord changes…outlining the chord tones.

    Melodic soloing is an adjective to describe guitar playing that is melodic and is more subjective than objective.

    Chord melody is a technique used in jazz music where guitar players play both the chords and the melody of the song at the same time.

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