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Type II Episode 9: A December to Remember.


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Continuing with our retrospective theme of the last few episodes, we have dedicated Episode 9 to the amazing music and stage antics that took place in December, 1995. Scotty opens by setting the historical context of this highly experimental month, laying the foundation for Tanya, Sam Steve and Scotty to share conversations about specific instances of musical and theatrical innovations that characterize the concluding month of the monster Fall Tour of 1995. The lead clip is Mike’s Song from Hershey, PA 12/1/95. Key points begin with audience participation, which was taken to the next level in ’95. To appreciate the unique relationship between Phish and their audience, 2 clips from the “Dog Log” show of 12/11/95 are played. Then Sam and Scotty engage in a spirited debate over the way Free was played at this time. Sam explains exactly what Trey is doing to create the whooshing sound heard in 2 different Free jams that are shared. This takes us to Scotty’s enthusiastic account of the awe-inspiring performance of You Enjoy Myself from Albany 12/9/95. He plays 2 clips to illustrate what an incredibly cohesive yet exploratory version of YEM went down at the Knick that night. Two more atypical versions of songs are also discussed and shared with clips: Tweezer > Slipknot! and Keyboard Cavalry, both from 12/14/95 (which became Live Phish 1). We wrap up with a final discussion of additional noteworthy moments, and take it out with the Bass Duet > La Grange from 12/29/95. It was certainly a December to Remember!

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

7 thoughts on “Type II Episode 9: A December to Remember.

  1. If you’re interested in downloading any of the 12/95 shows in FLAC/SHN format, now is the time!

    etree user duanebase is currently running a Fall 95 project and is uploading the shows on their 15th anniversary.

    duanebase etree uploads: http://j.mp/ftKhUS

    • WOW…..I just stumbled on this site and was totally stoked that you guys have these “segments” in which you break down certain years, venues, themes ect. I got all comfy in my lazyboy and decided to start with the most recent one, “A December to Remember”. Well…being born and raised in Baltimore, MD I sure know what it’s like to have the boys firing on all cylinders by the time they started the Vermont to Hampton (hypothetical venues but logistically speaking). I was a little bummed when I realized this “segment” wasn’t video, but hey, that just meant I got to close my eyes and listen to ya’ll point out some Phishtory I wasn’t aware of. Then the audio started off with some gentleman who noted some of the tour highlights. I wasn’t thrilled with the commentators bland and almost forced recital of the tour highlights. I assume the commentators have a favorite band on this planet and I assume that band is Phish. Well…they’ve been my favorite band for a LONG time and when I talk about their highlights I get fired up. The goosebumps start appearing on my skin, my heart starts thumping a little harder to get my blood flowing faster beacause I’m getting excite. I wish the first commentator expressed ANY of those emotions during his segment. I was also kind of offended when he mentioned Jerry’s death and how Phish “picked up” their fans. First off…when mentioning the passing of Mr. Garcia, ALWAYS follow it up with a, “God Rest His Soul”. He woulda done the same for you!

      Jerry’s passing (I already said it so no need to repeat myself…lol) had to be the single most important day in the bands (Phish) career. They have long admitted that they modeled basically every aspect of their touring, scheduling, crowd control, bootlegging and everything else after The Dead. Phish’s master plan from they day they started touring was to eventually take The Grateful Deads place after they stopped touring as The Grateful Dead. Phish did not know that Jerry’s death would be the harbinger of the end of an era, but they did know the Dead couldn’t do it forever. Therefore they set their sights on the zenith of all jam band goals….replacing The Grateful Dead as the highest annual money making live act year after year just as their haight-ashbury predocessors had done before them So…in my humble opionion, this is where everything starts. It could of gone either way….vast success or a miserable failure. I guess Trey, Page and Mike left Jon out of every decision during this crucial phase and the end result was a touring band that was doing things (like making astounding amounts of $) no one thought possible. I’m just razzing Jon a little because if any of those four band members can sit back and think “look what I’ve built”…it would and should be Mimi Fishmans male offspring. Wow….I am SOOOOOOOO far off my original topic. Back to it….

      I was giving my input into the December to Remember segment. Now…it’s the only segment that I’ve ever heard because I just found the site today, but what a horrible dissappointment. The few paragraphs describing the contents got me fired up to hear some stand out moments…until the live audio of the band started. WTF guys at YEMblog.com? It was completely inaudible and honestly…I was embarassed for you guys. You have this great site with great resources and that’s the type if journalism you’re putting out. Shame on you. If you can’t make the recordings sound better….like 99% better then you should just be writing segments with NO audio. Print only! I realize that maybe you have to use audience tapes due to copyright infringement, but I’ve made better tapes after a quarter sheet, case of beer and 5 xanny bars. You literally couldn’t hear ANYTHING that you said we would hear during your intro (written also) because the recordings were so bad.

      I know….you guys are thinking, “who is this prick” and you’re right. Three years of High School Journalism isn’t enough experience to judge you like this. However….there’s also no excuse for the horrid quality. The band deserves better. It would be like me highlighting Victor Wootens 96 tour with the Flecktones but cutting his bass outta the mix.

      Besides that……great site. I intend to sit here for the next few hours and look for hidden gems. I hope to find em. All hail HAPPY Phish 3.0…..God I fucking love those guys!!!!!!!1

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  3. This is a great podcast, really enjoyed this particular episode. Those Free jams from Dec95 are my favorite, I never quite realized that type of jamming was isolated to that particular time. Also, I was at the Portland “Dog Log” show, you should have mentioned that to thank the crowd for participating, they busted out a rare-at-the-time Tube. Seemed that there was always magic going on at the Maine shows, a year earlier in Bangor they dropped the great Tweezer that showed up on A Live One. Cheers!

  4. Getting caught up from the holidays and the birth of my sweet daughter Adeline. Stoked you guys/gals have kept pluggin’ along.

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