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Type II Episode 10: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot


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Well, it’s that time of year! When we struggle to get through the holidays and get back to another Holiday Tour with Phish. This week Steve, Eric and Justin run through New Years shows from the past and discuss what makes a good show, what exactly was the best New Years show and some of their favorite moments from all the other days not marked 12/31 on the calendar.

This our final episode of 2010 and we want to thank everyone who has listened for their support and feedback!!! We’ll be back on 1/11/11 discussing what took place at this year in Worcester and New York, and listening to all the best moments. So we’ll see you then, Happy Holidays everybody!!

-The whole TypeIICast crew

Full Clip List

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody (12/31/1996)
  2. 1999 (12/31/1998)
  3. Simple (12/31/1998)
  4. Mike’s Song > Loop Jam (12/31/1995)
  5. Weekapaug Groove (12/31/1995)
  6. Down With Disease Jam (12/31/1993)
  7. Harry Hood (12/31/1993)
  8. David Bowie (12/30/1993)
  9. Boogie On Reggae Woman > Antelope (12/30/2009)
  10. Auld Lang Syne > Antelope (12/31/1989)

Be sure to download and listen to “the Dog Log Album”. During the last episode, we played a clip from 12/11/95, when Trey joked about a Dog Log album, with 15 different versions of the song. Steve had a little extra time on his hands, so he put together this compilation, complete with track listing, album art, and even a bonus disc. Phans of the song won’t want to miss.

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9 thoughts on “Type II Episode 10: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

  1. Woosta centrum only holds 4k?

    new years 95 Set Mikes–>Daves Energy Guide…

  2. No, that was a honest mistake on my part. I was thinking they played the Worcester Memorial Auditorium in ’93, but that was in 1991. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. I love your guys’ site. really enjoying this higher level of discourse on Phish’s music. glad that others are too – just shows that the Phish scene is a very savvy and musically educated/intelligent crowd. even if some of us don’t say anything other than “that YEM was SIIIIICCCKKKK” sometimes…

    i’ll be doing some more intense analysis of some of my favorite Phish jams in January, check ‘em out here: smoothatonalsound.wordpress.com.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Jake.

    I always enjoy your analysis and opinions expressed on smoothatonalsound.

  5. You know, my efforts (or lack thereof) to attend a NYE show, or really any part of a holiday run, has never culminated, so I’m always a touch bitter that they always go down on the east coast/in New England.

    With 10 episodes in the books, you all have shown that you’re very savvy to the history of the band, you’re technologically clever enough to make this podcast happen, and you’re all devoted.

    I’ve wondered occasionally while listening if humanizing show attendance a bit might make a good segment each week. That is, you guys/gals, in your collective hands, probably have a *ton* of ticket stubs, but I’ll bet there’re a *ton* of fans that don’t even have a fraction. It’d be interesting, I think, to spend some time discussing how y’all finance this many shows/travel expenses, or how you choose what shows you’ll attempt to see.

    I thought it worked well with the my-first-show show.

    Or, maybe that’s not kosher, or too personal.

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