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Episode 13: Best of 2010, Part 1


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Most every blog has been releasing their “best of” opinions over the last month and we just couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. To mix ours up we had all 7 panelists submit their individual Top 10 list, then we ranked and aggregated the scores for a “definitive” TypeIICast Top 10 list. Now there’s some interesting results and some interesting opinions on what makes something most worthy of being included in the list. Join us for Part 1 as Steve, Justin, Sam and Eric defend and discuss their choices and the bonehead exclusions made by their peers.

This week we countdown from #10 – 6 (kind of…it proved to be a challenge mathematically).

Full track listing after the jump.


10. David Bowie (10/20 – Utica)

9. Light (10/19 – Augusta)

8. Stash (10/31- Atlantic City)

7. Split Open and Melt > Have Mercy (10/20 – Utica)

6. Backwards Down The Number Line (6/12 – Cleveland)


Bonus Clip – Piper (6/27 – Merriweather Post — #11 in rankings)

Outro – 2001 (6/25 – Camden)



Cast: Stephen Olker, Eric Wyman, Sam Davis, Justin Wendt

Run Time: 57:14

File Size: 65.9 MB

Recorded: 2/1/2011

Audio: Some issues with Justin’s and Eric’s microphones at times. Working on a solution for next week.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 13: Best of 2010, Part 1

  1. Im glad their are ppl like you all to break it down in such a detailed fashion, so I dont have to. Nice, to hear some good talking points and discussion. 7 heads are better than one.

  2. I love you guys. Thanks so much for these podcasts. I listen every week.

  3. You guys really love the ambient stuff eh? I would put a number of jams (such as NYE Rock and Roll) over a lot of these meandering directionless time fillers. I’m guessing you started getting into the band in 03/04? Different strokes I guess…

    Personally, I still like my Bowie’s evil and my Stash’s dark.

    • Interesting observation. I could be wrong, but I think everyone on the panel has been listening to phish since 89 – 99. I know we all have different preferences of jams. Perhaps we can discuss this on the next episode.

      Thanks for listening.

    • While I appreciate the comment, I’d look for a little more clarity on what equates to “meandering” and “directionless time filler”. I don’t think the examples here really fall into that category. Maybe you could point at Light and make that accusation, but when you look at the entire construct of the jam the progression from the main theme into a heavily percussive and stylistic jam makes it worth a second listen.

  4. I agree that jam type preference would be an excellent topic for discussion.

  5. While I don’t know who Thomas Tomasi is, he just rocketed to the upper echelon of my “cool dude” ranking system. Evil Bowies and dark Stashi are indeed AWSOME, but let’s not forget about the most important jam, menacing Tweezers.

  6. Good clips, but I can’t really believe that Camden MJ 2001 only made the outro, not the list. Shame.

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