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Behind The List – Best of 2010


I knew all year that we were going to do some kind of “Year end, Best Of” list from the minute we started Type II Cast. Last year, I ran a little survey via YEMBlog and Phish.net collecting what people thought were the “jams of the year.” The list was widely varied but I culled through the responses and ranked them by the total votes and a little executive decision. It started as a huge list with a lot of one-off pieces in it, but because I only asked for Number One choices there was a decent consensus.  Seven Below > Ghost was the runaway winner. We ran through the list on TWoL and it was kind of fun.

With Type II Cast we have 7 really passionate fans. I knew we could take this to another level. One man’s top-10 list is little more than opinion and we all know what opinions are like. With 7 of us we couldn’t really let our personal passions sway the groups collective opinion (kinda).

So how would I go about building this list? I’m a believer in Major League Baseball’s way of voting on almost everything, it’s incredibly fair. So using that as a model we would each submit a list of 10 jams (ranked 1-10, with 10 being the best) so if 12/31 Ghost was the best jam, it would get 10 points. I’d then add all the nominations to a spreadsheet and add up the total points. Once we had that number I added a second layer based on how many nominations an individual song got. Thinking there being if multiple people were voting for it, that should outweigh an individual opinion.

(Time for a disclaimer, I am not a statistician. I only play one on this podcast. I would love for someone to help improve upon this system)

So in the end we had a list of 31 jams that were “nominated.” Doing a little Excel computation (average aggregate score x total nominations) I ended up with a “Power” score to break the ties. Those results became the final top 10.

Now with only 7 of us we were able to come up with a definitive “top 3.” The difference between #3 and #4 was massive, but #4 and #10 was basically a crap shoot. A lot of feedback today was “What about _______?” And the short answer is, well, we didn’t have enough people involved to really determine that. What we do have is a good list that I think we all feel really good about, glaring omissions included.

Thanks for all the feedback, looking forward to discussing it more.

Full Spreadsheet Link

Eric Wyman 

  1. 12/31/2010 Ghost
  2. 10/19/2010 Reba
  3. 10/31/2010 Stash
  4. 12/28/2010 Hood
  5. 6/17/2010 Walk Away
  6. 10/19/2010 Light
  7. 8/6/2010 Simple
  8. 10/29/2010 Light Up or Leave Me Alone
  9. 12/30/2010 Tweezer
  10. 6/27/2010 Piper
Scott Bernstein
  1. 12/31/2010 Ghost
  2. 8/14/2010 DWD > WTU?
  3. 10/20/2010 SOAM > Have Mercy > Piper
  4. 10/19/2010 Light
  5. 6/25/2010 Chalk Dust Torture
  6. 8/6/2010 Cities
  7. 10/31/2010 Stash
  8. 10/10/2010 Ghost
  9. 8/7/2010 Light
  10. 10/30/2010 Tweezer
Tanya Sperry
  1. 12/31/2010 Ghost
  2. 12/28/2010 Hood
  3. 10/26/2010 Makisupa > Night Nurse
  4. 12/31/2010 YEM
  5. 10/19/2010 Reba
  6. 10/10/2010 Ghost
  7. 12/27/2010 Seven Below > WTU?
  8. 10/20/2010 David Bowie
  9. 12/30/2010 Tweezer
  10. 10/30/2010 Tweezer

Drew Hitz

  1. 12/31/2010 Ghost
  2. 12/28/2010 Hood
  3. 10/30/2010 Chalkdust > Whole Lotta Love > Chalkdust
  4. 8/14/2010 DWD > WTU?
  5. 8/6/2010 Simple

Steve Olker

  1. 10/20/2010 David Bowie
  2. 12/28/2010 Hood
  3. 6/25/2010 2001
  4. 10/30/2010 Tweezer
  5. 7/2/2010 Carini > Fuck Your Face
  6. 10/31/2010 Ghost > Spooky
  7. 12/30/2010 Tweezer
  8. 6/27/2010 Piper
  9. 6/18/2010 Monkey > Tweeprise x2

Justin Wendt

  1. 8/14/2010 DWD > WTU?
  2. 12/31/2010 Ghost
  3. 6/12/2010 Number Line
  4. 12/28/2010 Hood
  5. 8/6/2010 Cities
  6. 10/16/2010 Crosseyed and Painless
  7. 6/25/2010 2001
  8. 6/11/2010 Ghost
  9. 8/7/2010 Light
  10. 10/19/2010 Reba

Sam Davis

  1. 12/31/2010 Ghost
  2. 8/14/2010 DWD > WTU?
  3. 6/12/2010 Number Line
  4. 12/28/2010 Hood
  5. 8/6/2010 Simple
  6. 10/20/2010 SOAM > Have Mercy > Piper
  7. 6/27/2010 Piper
  8. 6/25/2010 Chalk Dust Torture
  9. 8/7/2010 Light
  10. 10/22/2010 Rock and Roll > Carini
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8 thoughts on “Behind The List – Best of 2010

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  2. Great job you guys on a your recent “Best of 2010″ podcast. Listened last night and haven’t been able to get your comments out of my head during the entire next day.

    Answer to “Does 60 seconds of insane jamming make that version the best ever?” …

    Probably not seeing as that would make my personal “Best Version Ever” list ridiculously long and include all my favorites tours and time of year (outdoor/indoor). Just my 2 cents.

  3. If you can have your list, I can have mine!!!

    12/31/2010 DWD > Ghost + YEM

    12/30/2010 Tweezer > Zeppelin

    7/3/2010 Caspian > Tweezer > Slave

    10/26/2010 Makisupa > Night Nurse

    10/20/2010 SOAM > Have Mercy > Piper

    7/4/10 Harpua > Killing In The Name > Harpua

    12/28/2010 Hood

    6/18/2010 Tweeprise x2

    8/14/2010 DWD > WTU?

    I really don’t like WTU, but it was too good not to include.

    • Thanks for sharing. Glad to see that you also hold the Makisupa > Night Nurse in high esteem. Good taste!

      • Thanks fractalgal! I’ve wondered for years why they so rarely keep that great reggae groove in Makisupa going by segueing into a cover of some fantastic reggae classic. I nearly plotzed when I saw the setlist, and immediately downloaded it. The Night Nurse reprise in Weekapaug was just icing on the cake.

        ….but I’m an idiot when it comes to proofreading. #2 in my list is supposed to be 10/30, not 12/30. Whoopsie.

        In other news, I would like Phish to make a rule that every time Trey calls for My Soul, they have to play Burn That Bridge instead.

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