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Episode 14: Best of 2010, Part 2


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Continuing where we left off from last week, the crew counts down to the #1 best jam of the year. This week we have a full house with Eric, Scotty, Drew and Tanya joining me and a full episode clocking in at just over 1 hour. Despite being possibly our biggest episode to date, we only saw one “technical difficulty”, which I chose to leave in as it resulted in some comical banter. Without a doubt, the crew did a fantastic job defending their top picks, or arguing against some. Listen now for no spoilers, or get a peak at the top five after the jump.

Extra thanks to Eric for organizing this best of series, we hope you enjoyed it. The show will return from a brief hiatus on March 1st 2011. In the meantime, please send us an email with any topics you would like covered over the next few episodes.

Thanks for listening,



5. Simple – 8/6 Greek

4. Reba – 10/19 Augusta

3. DWD > WTU? – 8/14 Alpine

2. Hood – 12/28 Worcester

1. Ghost – 12/31 MSG


Bonus Clip – Walk Away (6/17, Hartford)



Cast: Stephen Olker, Eric Wyman, Scott Bernstein, Drew Hitz, Tanya Sperry

Run Time: 1:03:39

File Size: 79 MB

Recorded: 2/8/2011

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

28 thoughts on “Episode 14: Best of 2010, Part 2

  1. Hey Guys,
    Great compilation,thanks for the blazin jams this morning and all your hard work,see you on Trey tour!

  2. Thanks for listening, FP – Glad you enjoyed :)

    • It was nominated twice, but didn’t make the top 10 with our criteria. Augusta just had higher rankings, I think for the most part we kind of split the vote between versions on both Ghost and Light.

      They’re both outstanding and a total toss up for me. I could only pick one in my mind.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Enjoying the show guys…My only critique is that the name of your show leads one to believe that your analysis of the music will be about just that, the music itself. So in especially in trying to rate specific jams I don’t think you should include a Reba jam because it was an encore for instance. You know what I mean? I guess I am trying to say that the jams you pick should stand on their own and not dependent on “fun facts” or novelty value.

    So I guess this complaint is only relevant to the top 10 jams segments.

    Just my $0.02…it’s your show, so do whatever you want. Thanks guys & gal.

    Keep it up!!!

    • I think you’re kind of pointing out something that’s not really there.

      First, Scotty made the comment (paraphrasing) that maybe it being an encore adds something to it, but that it wasn’t a top jam in his mind. Tanya followed that up with some agreement, but (and I can’t speak for her) I don’t think it being an encore was really a big factor, just a fun fact. I for one said unequivocally that it could have been in the first set and I would have said the same thing.

      So having said that, are you trying to say that Reba for 10/19 isn’t worthy of praise? It was nominated by 3 of us and well received by everyone on the panel. I think it’s right where it should be.

      Secondly, when I sent the instructions to the panel I specifically did not set the judging criteria. We were just looking for the “top 10 jams.” If that was because of the moment, the jam, 30 seconds, whatever. Our collective experience is what makes the list different and interesting. Ultimately though, I think it’s pretty nauseatingly focused on the music.

      Thanks for listening and for taking the time to comment!

      • “So having said that, are you trying to say that Reba for 10/19 isn’t worthy of praise?”

        Not at all, it is my favorite Reba of 3.0. That example was the second thime that thought came into my mind. There was a comment in the 1st installment that had me thinking it too. I couldn’t remember it off the top of my head. I have no qualms with the Reba being on the list by any means. Perhaps I am being over-sensitive to those comments.

        “Secondly, when I sent the instructions to the panel I specifically did not set the judging criteria. We were just looking for the “top 10 jams.” If that was because of the moment, the jam, 30 seconds, whatever. Our collective experience is what makes the list different and interesting. Ultimately though, I think it’s pretty nauseatingly focused on the music.”

        Fair enough, it was just a small thing that irked me. Overall, I thought the picks were right on target (I should have emphasized that more in my initial post). In the end it’s all subjective, but I applaud you attempt to obtain an semi-empirical consensus. It’s fun to listen to. Also, I don’t mean to play down the significance of the “fun facts” or gimmicks. I love them.

        Again, thanks for your work and keep it up.


      • I think we’re all pretty critical of “the music” it’s our driving factor. Having said that, I think it’s inevitable in most situations that environment will influence opinion. 12/28 Hood is another example. I think it’s an amazing piece of music but is it unrealistic to think that environment probably sways some of my opinion? Sure.

        We’ve discussed Utica to death on the show. I wasn’t there and wasn’t blown listening back to it. Second set is definitely better than first, but that’s not what you’ll hear from most people. Do I take umbrage with that? It’s kind of hard to.

        In the end, it’s about discussion not a de facto answer.

    • I picked the name based on an assumption that show could analyze phish in any context, just as a Type II jam would exit the structure of a given song.

      “Top 10’s”, song evolutions, show reviews, etc. Some weeks we record for 30 minutes, some weeks for an hour. Sometimes the audio is good, sometimes we get screwed by skype.

      I understand where you are coming from, but just wanted to take this opportunity to explain the origins of the name.

      Thanks for tuning in.

    • Thanks for bringing up the subject of criteria. I deliberately chose to make my list Top 10 Moments instead of Top Ten Jams because I strongly value not so much the “fun facts” but the “fun factor.” I deeply value those moments when not only the music is inspired and transcendental but also when the musicians are playful. The fact that Phish can simultaneously take the music very seriously without taking themselves too seriously is one of their most endearing qualities – so I chose to take this into consideration when compiling my list. I appreciate your listening, taking the time to express your comments, and for giving me the perfect opportunity to better describe why I love this band so much. Peace.

  4. Nice work folks ! Very enjoyable listen this evening. I was quite curious what your top 5 would turn out to be. My only comment would be that I was surprised the MSG Tweezer didn’t make the top 10 list. Agree with the Reba Ghost here as both were quite spectacular versions and both receive regular listening rotations in my ride to and from work.

    I wasn’t familiar with the Simple, Wooster Hood or Alpine WTU, but will be soon !

    So whats the setup for these sessions look like ? Studio, someone’s apartment, or on top of the Rhombus :-) Thanks again, looking forward to my Trey Tour fix in a few short weeks….

    • We actually climb in the Rhombus, Trey and Tom style with the fire and everything!!!

      We are actually all remote around the country (and the world). Our fearless host has set up a great system using Skype and a variety of recording tools back at his homebase in Jersey.

      When you hear our technical difficulties, it usually because of Skype or our microphones (goddamn POS microphones), and not Steve. He deserves a ton of credit with a great setup for both TWoL and T2C!!!!!!

  5. Walk Away got nominated, huh?

    Well, at least you didn’t nominate My Soul.

    Great show. Please keep up these broadcasts throughout the spring. I have really come to eagerly anticipate your next show, and I don’t want to contemplate going 4-5 months TypeII-less.

    • Thanks for the kind words! We will be keeping it going through the spring.

      And not to worry, if any My Soul had made the list I would have quit the panel on the spot! It was bad enough that Wyman saw SOAM in the first ‘best of’ show notes and announced it as Scent of a Mule.

      I almost drove off the road!

      Again, thanks for listening and the feedback!

      • That’s hilarious! Eric, don’t feel bad, I also have mistaken SOAM on setlists for Scent of a Mule instead of Split. Speaking of Scent of a Mule, … “smell my Mule” ya’ll.

      • It’s been two weeks. I’m kinda getting the jitters over here.

  6. I have NO problem including the Augusta Reba. The outro is very interesting and probably planted the seed for YEMteca. Great work!

  7. Haven’t been able to listen to this second podcast yet, but I see the list, and there is no Charleston Crosseyed?! Clear contender for jam of the year, I’m sad to see it forgotten. Maybe you mention it, I still have to listen. Other than that you guys did an awesome job with these and I really enjoyed listening, so thanks very much!

  8. I believe I was the only one in the group to nominate the Charleston Crosseyed…. Fall Tour took a strong turn towards the better after that show.

  9. If I may be so bold, here’s an idea for future podcasts. How about Top 10 lists for popular years in Phish history such as 1995, 1997, and so on …

    • Great idea, Adam.

    • Yeah, I was thinking much the same thing today. Maybe a show highlighting summer ’94 or fall ’95, or compare the different complete performances of Gamehenge. Lots of fodder there my friends.

      It could be like Celebrity ShowMatch, where The Bomb Factory takes on Big Birch ’94, lol!

      With all the new phans that are coming to Phish for the first time in 2009-10, some discussion from the panel on these past Tours Of Awesome could really be enlightening.

      FWIW, I was really disappointed that the Harpua from 7/4 didn’t get any props on the list. That show was brilliant, and I have found myself listening to that Harpua repeatedly. Even the one glaring screwup of the show (when Trey flubbed Waste lyrics) was absolutely hilarious.

  10. Finally. A ‘cast that covers a show I attended. Happy the DWD/WTU was at the three spot, would’ve voted it higher, myself, but, of course, heavy things of a biased nature weigh in on that. Contrary to what A.Hill says, I’ve been a little astounded by the intricacy of the analyses. I mean, I’ve never really thought of who’s taking leads, and, in the off chance I have, I certainly never would’ve thought Fishman had ever done so.

    I dig the direction of the panel’s breakdowns, and am happy to be almost caught up. But seriously, can there not just be an order for the round-room of signoffs? I mean, go alphabetical, or by age or something. Better yet, descending order by tally of total tweets. I’m just givin’ y’all some grief, but also wanting you guys to crispen things up because the show has such a great foundation.

    Looking forward to future episodes.

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