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Episode 15: Talkin’ Trey Tour


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Type II cast is back to business after a short hiatus and this week Scotty, Sam, Justin and myself are talkin’ Trey tour. This episode doesn’t need much of a setup, as it finds us in conversation, discussion and debate about this most recent tour of Big Red. We take a brief moment to reflect on the beginnings of TAB in 99, before deconstructing it’s current incarnation. We chose to break down the show into 3 parts, acoustic, electric, and covers, found some clips that are noteworthy in each category. Going into this episode, I was sure we’d barely break the 30 minute mark, and even after 86ing some clips, the episode came in at almost an hour. Whether you have been following along at home, or hitting up multiple shows, don’t miss this Type II.

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Sand 2/15/99.

Heavy Things 2/25/11

Ocelot 2/20/11

Gotta Jibboo 2/26/11

Hey Ya 2/28/11

Clint Eastwood 2/19/11

Empire State of Mind 2/22/11



Cast: Stephen Olker, Scott Bernstein, Sam Davis, Justin Wendt

Runtime: 51:58

File Size: 66.3 MB

Recorded: 3/1/2011

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

3 thoughts on “Episode 15: Talkin’ Trey Tour

  1. It was worth the wait.

    This was the best round-table discussion you have had yet. I was pleased to hear the respectful arguments that you all had with each other, even though I was repeatedly insulting the computer.

    I’m siding with Scotty’s argument. However, no matter how much Trey likes it, I do think it is lazy (but not impacting my Image of The Mystical-Psychedelic Guitarist Trey). Hey Ya! closed the first set every time, it seems. Different set placements would have been nice.

    I’ve really liked Ocelot ever since I first saw it in 2009, but there was always something that seemed missing from the groove. Tonight I heard that something.

    Great job!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I agree good “round-table” discussion this time, and that is definitely the direction I/We see for the show. And that is something that takes some time to master, so we will do our best to keep bringing it.

  3. Great show, guys. As has been said, the discussion was one of the best yet. As I hinted at on Twitter, I was really surprised by Sam’s passionate aversion to the setlists, and I’m glad that Scotty disagreed with him.

    I suppose it would be foolish to lump TAB in with all sidecar projects, but you could make the argument that some of the, for lack of a better word, monotony in early TAB tours was probably not all that stimulating to some folks in attendance.

    I find the decision to begin to include such a large amount of Phish material both impressive and surprising. I don’t have a problem if an artist begins to cater to “what the crowd wants.” It’s probably safe to assume that lots of TAB-goers want more Phish, so Trey gives it to them, but can do his acoustic/electric blend, still perform some TAB staples, and then just have a little bit of fun with things toward the end of the show.

    Frankly, that’s exactly what these covers are: fun. Could he mix it up a bit more? Sure. But it’s his first leg doing this, and maybe he makes a few changes next time out. I was really surprised by Sam’s insistence on this issue, though, as he’s usually pretty reserved. Good show overall, save the unfortunate typing, clacking, and chat-bleeping that leaked through while panelists were talking.

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