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Episode 16: Great Woods, Or Mediocre Woods?


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This week, Eric, Drew and myself tackle a “venue review”, and discuss the 14 shows that occurred since 1992 at a little place us phans like to call Great Woods, despite that it has changed names a few times. (We don’t bother to look as to what it is actually called these days, insert jaded vet remark). What we did look for, were tasty clips as to highlight some of the better moments throughout the years. As Drew notes at one point, we could have spent “too much time” in 93-95, so instead, we opted to spread the clip love out amongst the years. Plenty of great moments in 99, 00, and we even found 1 in 04. But in all seriousness, we feel that the boys have strategically placed Great Woods in the tour depending upon their needs. It was once a 2 night weekend stand, needed to ensure ticket sales were good. Now its a Tuesday night with no shows before or after, since they know sales will do well. In the end, we find there were many great moments at this Massachusetts traffic debacle, and we hope there are many more.

Thanks for listening, we will see you guys next week with a review of August 1993.

- Steve


94/07/08 :Stash

94/07/09: Split Open and Melt

99/07/13: Halley’s Comet > Roses are Free

00/09/11: Piper > What’s the Use

04/08/11: Antelope > 2001

09/06/06: Julius

10/06/22: Dr. Gabel


Cast: Stephen Olker, Eric Wyman, Drew Hitz

Runtime: 109:35

File Size: 92.7 MB

Recorded: 3/15/11

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

23 thoughts on “Episode 16: Great Woods, Or Mediocre Woods?

  1. The Tweezer->HYHU from 8/11/04 was also pretty awesome, IMO. I loved that show. The double drum solo leading into Timber was great, too.

  2. I seem to rember some speculation that Phish was intentionally avoiding Great Woods between 95 and 99 because SFX entertainment bought GW and Trey didn’t like them for some reason. Here is a post of mine from RMP in 1998 that seems to back my memory up – can’t find the interview I mentioned however:


  3. Yes, Phish had played Ghost prior to 7/13/99 on the Summer 99 tour. It opened Set II on 7/4.

    No mention of 8/10/04 Birds? But high praise for – and a clip from! – the 8/11/04 2001? Yikes!

    • We had the Birds clip on the docket, but had to cut it due to time :(

      Plus, Steve loves his Antelopes ;)

    • I knew I had missed a Ghost! It’s more challenging than I would have expected to skim stats while listening to what’s going on!

      Like I said on the podcast, it was hard to listen to 14 entire shows and digest it all with only 5 days to prepare even though I was at almsot every one. The ’04 Birds is certainly worthy of praise for sure. As Eric already noted, time dictated that we couldn’t play all of the clips we had selected. It was challenging finding highlights from the ’04 run for sure.

  4. In regards to the gap between the 1995 and 1999 shows, I think I can shed a little light on this. SFX Entertainment was handling booking at Great Woods, and maybe owned the place and for some reason the band didn’t like dealing with them. Here is a post I made to rmp back in 1998 alluding to this, can’t find the original Trey quote, though:


  5. Forgot to mention – awesome podcast, Great Woods is my “home” venue and it is great to relive these moments. I just recently went back to the 99 shows since I didn’t remember much of them and was pleasantly surprised how great they were. Reviewed them on Phish.net if you want to take a look:


  6. Also –

    No clips from 1995? How about Weekapaug from 6/30/95? Or POSSUM (wow!)? Or the 7/1/95 Hood or Stash or Melt? Or even If I Could with the guitar intro? Or the Funky Bitch break-out? For my money, those are the BEST Great Woods shows ever played — better than 7/8/94.

    Great podcast, though. Lots of cool stuff in here. I didn’t remember how hot the 7/9/94 Fluffhead was. The 2000 show was surprisingly strong — I often forget how much good music they played that year. And I don’t care how much Trey apologized for it, Dr Gabel rules.

    • I will respectfully disagree re: ’95 > ’94 but that you really can’t go wrong with either year. I did mention 4 of the tunes you have listed as stand out versions. The ’95 Possum is STUPID good.

      I felt strongly that I wanted the 7/8/94 Stash and the 7/9/94 Melt as clips and realized that we had a whole lot of ground to cover in a one hour podcast in terms of clips. If we hadn’t tried to cover 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 there would have been at least one ’93 clip and a couple of ’95 clips as well.

      And I agree that Dr. Gabel rules. Thank you so much for listening and for commenting. We all really appreciate it.


  7. Oh, yes, and lest the forest get lost for the trees, I think your podcast was / is terrific! And fair enough, you had to cut some great stuff. But I did think I should mention that you chose not to play clips of what are, in my opinion, three of the four best jams Phish ever played at Great Woods — the 95 ‘paug and Hood, and the ’04 Birds.

    You did, however, play my other favorite – the 7/8/94 Stash – and described its power far more beautifully than I ever could!

  8. great show guys…always enlightening hearing clips of stuff I wouldn’t normally find on my own. Keep em coming!

  9. Not to step on anybody’s toes but I think it would be super cool if you guys did either a show or part of a show on Divided sky…especially considering that it’s Eric’s favorite song. It;s my favorite song too and it’s the song that really got me into phish back in the day.

    I know that Divided can be pretty structured and not really go into type 11 type jamming, or at least the versions that I’m aware of but maybe I’m missing a bunch of them and it would be awesome to hear some unknown ones where they do break out of the mold or really take it to “that” place. Thoughts?

    • Well, I am in complete agreement with Drew that the 7/8/94 Divided Sky is the best I’ve ever heard. Frankly, when I read the title of this weeks episode, that was what song I first thought of and really wanted dissected, while I waited 36 long hours to listen to this episode.

      Imagine my surprise that the panel, instead, chose to play Stash from A live One, like no one had ever heard it before. It is a travesty that such a powerful jam received no airtime at all.

      In light of this gross injustice to the awesomeness that is the DS from GW94, I second the idea of a show dedicated to the lifespan of Divided Sky, which will prominently feature the Great Woods ’94 version.

    • Zach,

      Inside baseball here for you, Eric actually hates %Sky. That being said, I will bring this idea to a team meeting and see what the rest of the crew thinks. Whenever we can discuss something that Eric hates, it’s usually full of win.

      • What?!?!?!

        Maybe you guys should do an episode on what a blashphemey it is that Eric has DS hahahaha. I would love to hear why…that song is a compositional masterpiece.

    • Yup, just checked my schedule. I’ll be unavailable FOREVER when it comes to discussing the history of Divided Sky.

  10. Nice work as always gents… looking forward to seeing some of you at GW this summer and hearing about 8/93 next week! Just listened to 8/17/93 after tweeting last week w/ Drew on summer’93. Not only is the Bowie unreal, but I never realized that this was the 7th show in 7th days before a few days off before the first Red Rocks show.


  11. Thanks everyone for tuning in and all the constructive feedback.

    I wanted to address that, in general, I always try to get in 6-10 clips, but sometimes we need to make cuts on the fly. We do the show live, and with the pre-show, technical problems, and our collective rambling, we can easily eat up the 1.5 hours “studio time” allotted each week. I was quite surprised we broke the hour mark this week, and it sounds like no one minded. 45-60 minutes per episode seems like to the sweet spot to me, so that’s the goal each week.

  12. Felt really torn about this episode. On the one hand, and as I’ve previously stated, I’ve always felt jaded about the east-coast bias associated with Phish and its tour-date sites, so I initially thought it was unfortunate that Great Woods got the first episode of a particular venue dedicated to it.

    On the other hand, as (Eric, I think) pointed out, it is sort of the hub of Phish origins/fan base, so I get it. Still enjoyed the listen, and most of the clips. That said (channeling my inner Steve Olker), I’m again plugging a studio vs. live topic for the show.

    Thanks for continuing to bring this podcast to the listeners.

    • I hear you, but we can’t change history. Drew and I are both native New Englanders and GW is where we cut our teeth on Phish. 7/8/94 was my third show, I had just turned 18. 5 of my first 9 shows were there. So that has as much to do with it as anything.

      That being said, I think you are correct in identifying it as a hub. I’m a big Avett Brothers fan and it pisses me off that play 1 or 2 shows in New England a year, but there based out of North Carolina so those fans get the heavier doses.

      I don’t think Phish has done a great job of sharing the wealth with the western states, but I think there’s been a tremendous focus on maintaining balance of work/home so I think the trend will change as they get more comfortable.

      Thanks as always for listening. I like your idea about studio/live comparisons. Let us stew on that.

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