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Forgotten Friday #1 – August 1993

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After every episode we undoubtedly have listeners that come up with great “suggestions” of the items we might have missed. Couple that with our own regrets where time restraints kept us from playing everything we would have liked and we’ve got a whole additional show ready.

So here’s six tracks we missed this week covering August 1993, compiled in a zip for you to download.

Follow this link for the goods: http://www.mediafire.com/?3uo7tl1y32662sw

01. Halley’s comet 08/06/93

02. Slave To The Traffic Light 08/06/93

03. Fast Enough For You 08/17/93

04. Stash 08/20/93

05. David Bowie 08/17/93

06. You Enjoy Myself 08/03/93

All of these examples come from the spreadsheet so if you hear something you like, seek out the whole show.

Thanks for all the support over the last couple weeks. We appreciate your enthusiasm and support.

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One thought on “Forgotten Friday #1 – August 1993

  1. These are a great idea! The only problem is that there is so much great material from 8/93 that you are STILL only scratching the surface…. but I guess that’s what the Spreadsheet is for.

    One thing: The date for Stash is off. They didn’t play Stash on 8/20. They DID play versions of Harpua, Slave, and above all SOAM that are very much worth mentioning!

    I do wish you’d said something in the ‘cast about Stash and SOAM during this month (or maybe you did and I missed it?) 8/93 was, imo, the golden age for both of these songs, when they really started to take off, explore new territory, and just rage. After a very good spring tour (esp the version with Kung on 4/14/93), Stash really took off in the late summer, repeatedly moving into wild and original territory. And then Melt– what a month for Melt! It really clicked in 93, and especially in August. Red Rocks included what Trey once said in an interview was its best version ever, and I’m inclined to agree (though versions like 12/7/95 and 8/10/97 might have something to say about that). But really, EVERY Melt in 8/93 — and throw in 7/31/93, if you like — was pretty magical.

    But during this month, really, EVERY song was magical. In that sense, I prefer it even to Fall 94 and Fall 95. The heights were higher, imo, but the first sets from those eras were, a couple notable exceptions aside, pretty tame. But during this month, EVERY song — not just Tweezer and YEM, but stuff like Guelah (8/14), Sample (8/15!), FEFY (8/17), Cavern — contained little improvisational flourishes that make them a treat to hear, even today.

    Anyway, thanks again for a great podcast!

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