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Special Edition: The First Annual Type II Cast Game Show Extravaganza!

Listen to Game Show Trivia 1

Welcome to Type II Cast’s first attempt at a Phish Game Show. Think Jeopardy meets phish lot meets podcast. In an effort to avoid any spoilers, take a listen to the show and test your knowledge at home. We hope you enjoy, and I imagine we will try to do this again in the future.

For the record, we edited out portions of the program not effecting the outcome, which is why we did not run this show live.


What phish festival should we review first, on the next episode?


Vote on the following,  and we will discuss the winner. (Date of next episode 5/10/2011)

Polls open until 5/3/2011 at 8:15pm.


Trivia Rules!!!

Good afternoon listeners of the show.

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about a trivia show we will be holding next week. The short of it is as follows: 2 listeners will take on 2 hosts of type II cast (Scotty and Justin) in a game of Phish Trivia. Eric will be the quiz master, preparing and asking all the questions. I will run the soundboard and keep track of the score. At the end of the program, someone will be given bragging rights of knowing the most trivial phish facts. Simple? yes. Fun? Most definitely. Easy? Probably not. Think you are up to the challenge? Here’s what we need you to do:

1) Be available the following times:

Sunday, 4/24 about 8:30pm, for a quick equipment test. You will need a computer, internet, skype, headphones and a mic. We just want to make sure everything will work ok. About 10 minutes at most.

Monday, 4/25 again at about 8pm, for the actual show. Please block about 2 hours for this. The show will NOT be live. We will be editing out portions of the program not affecting the outcome, just like the big game shows.

2) No Spoilers!!!

We will run the edited program on Tuesday, 4/26, at our normal time slot, so don’t tell anyone if you won or loss. Of course, we can’t really enforce this, but don’t be a dick about it. Cool?

3) Leave a comment below.

Tell us why you think you can win, or just say hi, it doesn’t really matter. Out of all the comments to this post, we will randomly pick the winners (and a backup just in case). But be sure to provide a contact method. WordPress should let you privately leave an e-mail address. Or, feel free to leave your twitter or facebook name and we could contact you through those methods (but only if we are friends ;-)

4) Period to enter is now -> Saturday 4/23/11 at noon (est). 

I will contact the winners by that evening. So keep an eye on your email, twitters or bookfaces.

Hopefully that covers everything. If you have any questions, let us know. Please note, all times are Eastern.

Good Luck Phish Nerds!!!



Episode 19: UIC Pavillion, 1994

Listen to Episode 19

With Phish returning to the University of Illinois at Chicago this summer, we found it fitting to review their first UIC performance, which went down on 6/18/94, for Episode 19 of Typeiicast.

In this week’s show, Steve, Sam and I discuss and share clips from this type 2 jam laden gem, beginning with Maze from the first set, and followed by multiple examples of exquisite improvisation from the second set. In addition to audio clips from Peaches En Regalia, Maze, David Bowie, Tweezer, You Enjoy Myself, Chalk Dust Torture, and Tweezer Reprise, Episode 19 also includes a couple of Typeiicast firsts: we play a Grateful Dead Mind Left Body Jam clip from 10/25/73 to illustrate contrast to Phish’s approach to the same chord structure, and we share a couple of minutes of the psychedelic YEM vocal jam. We encourage everybody to give this show multiple listens and hope you enjoy unearthing its many gifts as much as we did.


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Episode 18: The Island Tour

Listen to Episode 18

The beginning of April conjures up thoughts of the Island Tour for many Phish fans so we thought the band’s revered four-night stand that took place from April 2 – 5, 1998 was the perfect topic for Episode 18 of Type II Cast.

For this week’s show Sam, Justin, Steve and Scotty discuss the many factors that made this group of performances special. We talk about the patience the group displayed, how Phish was building on the ’97 funk, the new material debuted on the run and many more topics. The episode includes nine clips to help illustrate our points.  If you don’t already own the official recordings of the Island Tour, which sound fantastic,  head over to LivePhish.com to buy them with the added bonus of supporting the Mockingbird Foundation.

Thanks for listening.


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