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Episode 18: The Island Tour


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The beginning of April conjures up thoughts of the Island Tour for many Phish fans so we thought the band’s revered four-night stand that took place from April 2 – 5, 1998 was the perfect topic for Episode 18 of Type II Cast.

For this week’s show Sam, Justin, Steve and Scotty discuss the many factors that made this group of performances special. We talk about the patience the group displayed, how Phish was building on the ’97 funk, the new material debuted on the run and many more topics. The episode includes nine clips to help illustrate our points.  If you don’t already own the official recordings of the Island Tour, which sound fantastic,  head over to LivePhish.com to buy them with the added bonus of supporting the Mockingbird Foundation.

Thanks for listening.



4/2 Stash
4/2 Twist
4/3 Weekapaug Groove
4/3 Roses are Free > Piper
4/3 Run Like an Antelope
4/4 Birds > 2001
4/5 Ya Mar
4/5 Maze > Shafty
4/5 Cavern


Host: Stephen Olker

Cast: Scott Bernstein, Sam Davis, Justin Wendt

Runtime: 1:01:50

File Size: 83 mb

Recorded: 04/05/2011

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

18 thoughts on “Episode 18: The Island Tour

  1. Great show! So many memories brought back. What a tour.

  2. Some of my best phish memories are from this run. It was amazing.
    Looking back 13 years later, I hear and see things I think people would complain about today (“dude, Billy/Beauty/Dogs just killed the momentum in the 1st set blah blah…”). At the time, it was all just about perfect. The energy just came pouring out of the band, and the crowds were so ready for it. Totally the launch pad for the next couple years of phish. Has it really been 13 years? Wow.

  3. Its so incredible listening to these shows as they illustrates how the sound of this band is constantly changing. Especially in juxtaposition with the last episode on August 93. It makes me respect the full spectrum of phish so much more when I hear different parts of their career next to each other and see how they have evolved and grown. Great show guys

    • I was thinking the same, Zach, while listening to this week’s show and thinking back to the August 93 cast. Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment – much appreciated.

      • Thanks Tayna. Its so cool listening to you speak about the band because you have been there since 89! You have witnessed almost their entire evolution. So cool

  4. Great podcast, just love those shows. Some of the other highlights for me include Trey’s solo near the beginning of the Simple jam (you can hear the echo) and probably my favorite Brother post-93. I’m also a big fan of the first set on the last night, the YEM may not have been the tightest, but I love the second-half jam and the fact that it came right out of Oh Kee Pah to open the show. And if you have to come up with any negatives, I’d say Tweezer and Ghost came up short.

  5. Thanks for all the feedback…

    Narrowing clips down for this episode was definitely a challenge and proves how choice this run was… anything but standard.

    @Chris – My favorite part of that Ghost is the type II-ish jam after the “Blues Brother” tease.


  6. Great podcast. Listened to most of 4/3/98 today. The last half of that show is incredible.

  7. Great podcast folks.

    Although I missed Providence, those Nassau shows were something else, alright. The set after Mike’s Groove left much to be desired, but that second set was one for the ages.

    Although livephish.com’s releases of the shows are magnificent, I often find myself listening to an AUD recording for 4/3, as the fan energy of the show is totally scrubbed from the soundboard. That buildup and roar of the crowd when the main section of Antelope started was deafening.

  8. Giving you guys a hard time…you shouldn’t say you’ll be back next week and then not come back because its lame. If you don’t plan on posting a podcast every week, just say that and people like me, who look forward to them every week won’t be super bummed because they expected to hear some sweet phish talk and then feel flaked out on. Post as often as you want…we are so grateful to you guys, but don’t tell us that you’ll be posting some phish goodness next week and then not follow up because then you really blow the air out of your own balloon

    • Sorry, Zach – totally agree. We shoot for weekly shows, but it all comes down to availability and scheduling. This is helpful feedback. We’ll do a better job of communicating upcoming shows and avoiding letting the air out of your balloon.

  9. Alright, I was pretty pumped about the quality of the last ‘cast, but I think this one was my favorite to date. I may have heard about this four-show run grouped as a unit in the past, but if I had, it’d slipped somewhere down my number line. So, all in all, job well done. Good analysis, great clips, a solid B on the technical/audio (fell short of an A due to keyboard chatter and outro cut (again)).

    And while I’m on the leg of criticism, this episode, and I believe the previous episode were the first two (correct me if I’m wrong) to have substantial lead-in-introduction pieces by a particular panelist. Conceptually, I think this is a great idea. In terms of execution, though, both of these intro segments, I am fairly certain, were pre-prepared, sound as if they’re being read verbatim.

    I find that this gives a less-natural feel to the topic of the week because its intro sort of deflates things. Scotty does a lot of talking in this episode, and he occasionally stumbles with his words, which I think is a good thing. It may take him a second, but he gets to his ideas, and they are poignant, fleshed-out. I would suggest having an outline with core ideas, and some bulleted details for the intro, and let your mind’s archives fill in the blanks. Or something like that.

    It’s not that I think you guys should work more, or harder, but perhaps to the contrary. The group is very close to finding that fine balance of professionally laid-back.

    My other criticism comes in the form of the amount you all know about the band, and the assumption that your listeners do, too. If you’re ever around someone in the medical, education, social-work, etc. fields, folks have a tendency to start speaking in acronym and assume everyone knows what they’re talking about. Personally speaking, I think I follow about 80 percent of the technical stuff, but when you drop casual mentions of T.A. amplifier switches, or start talking tubes, synths, effects, and their associated levels of crispness, and how sounds contrast from previous sounds, I’m unsure how many follow along.

    Again, you’re all on a time schedule, have lots of ground to cover, and don’t need to work any harder than you do at this, but a phrase or two to qualify the occasional abstraction might help clarify.

    Once more for the record, criticism is offered not to speak negatively of the show, but to hopefully offer more listener perspective. Thanks as always for the production. Can’t wait to get after the next episode.


  10. Thanks for the comment and constructive criticism, bankmeister. We will certainly bear your suggestions in mind moving forward.

  11. WTF is the added percussion happening at about 12:27 in the YEM on 4/5/98? I am freaking out because no one can tell me. One of my friends told me that was the exact moment he chose to bend down and retie his sneakers, so he wasn’t looking at the stage when it happened. I’ve deleted his number from my phone.

    Thanks for your efforts to calm my neurosis related to this matter. ;)

    (Sorry for saying WTF. I realize Type II Cast is a family program).

  12. 4-3-98: Se2 10 in my book…loved how they just ended the tweeprise w/the whole “rock coda thang” nothing else to prove!

  13. w/out:^^^ .also,NO talk on that 16min Piper (1stjammed version)

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