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Episode 19: UIC Pavillion, 1994


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With Phish returning to the University of Illinois at Chicago this summer, we found it fitting to review their first UIC performance, which went down on 6/18/94, for Episode 19 of Typeiicast.

In this week’s show, Steve, Sam and I discuss and share clips from this type 2 jam laden gem, beginning with Maze from the first set, and followed by multiple examples of exquisite improvisation from the second set. In addition to audio clips from Peaches En Regalia, Maze, David Bowie, Tweezer, You Enjoy Myself, Chalk Dust Torture, and Tweezer Reprise, Episode 19 also includes a couple of Typeiicast firsts: we play a Grateful Dead Mind Left Body Jam clip from 10/25/73 to illustrate contrast to Phish’s approach to the same chord structure, and we share a couple of minutes of the psychedelic YEM vocal jam. We encourage everybody to give this show multiple listens and hope you enjoy unearthing its many gifts as much as we did.


Show Notes:

Clip Source: Remastered Version  02/10/2002
SBD>Cass1>DAT>CD>EAC>Cool Edit 2000 (Editing)>SHN  (See below for complete details

Recorded: 4/19/20

Panel: Stephen Olker, Sam Davis, Tanya Sperry

Duration: 56:57

Files Size: 81.3mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

9 thoughts on “Episode 19: UIC Pavillion, 1994

  1. You did a real disservice to your listeners not playing and discussing the epic Tweezer peak, which had ridiculous Trey jamming with repeated Mind Left Body Jam teases. It’s the highlight of the entire show. Too bad.

    • I feel your pain. It was a tough choice to cut that, but we felt the first MLBJ at the intro needed to be in the clip spot, vs the peak jam. Can’t win them all. Though we did joke about just playing the whole show this week.

  2. Point taken. Each episode, the greatest challenge is deciding what to omit. I also wish we had included a clip from It’s Ice – twas such an inspired version. Our hope is that folks will revisit this show if they haven’t for a while or add it to their library if it isn’t already there. Thanks for commenting.

    • The host is hot he has a very strong voice. the cotntseants should be segregated and sat down in seats if possible cotntseants that have went up should stand aside and the ones that haven’t should have a shot also remind the cotntseants to be more enthusiastic don’t stand there like a bump on the long

  3. This was my first show ever. Great topic for this episode and what a great show!

  4. My favorite show of all time, thanks for throwing it a whole episode. What’s with Steve doubting this beast? Whole thing is incredible…

  5. Yes, 6/17 is amazing – but it’s flame is quickly snuffed out when compared to the bookends of the week that was 6/11 to 6/18 (6/11, IMO is a better comparison to 6/18 for ‘unbelievable 2-set show’ of June ’94). One thing I don’t remember hearing anyone mention was the INTENSITY – it’s still so palpable on the recordings. Even in the 6+ minute DWD, it’s as if everyone is collectively playing for their very lives, and each note could be their last.

  6. Great topic choice for a single show review.

    Thumbs up!

  7. check out the Charlie Rose interview of Trey from 04 – he mentions that a moment during Divided Sky during this show was one of his most memorable on-stage moments

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