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Episode 21: Pre-Tour Stretch

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It’s almost tour and we’ve said enough about the last two years! So in this episode Steve and Eric dust off some of the surprise gigs and practice sessions in Phish history to check out some early and eventful renditions of songs common today. We also take a look ahead with thoughts on the upcoming summer tour and if and when we will begin to see some of our own new material.

Thanks for listening. Please join us next time for Summer Tour Updates.


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Episode 20: The Clifford Ball

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This week our topic is the first in a series of festival reviews. We gave everyone the choice of which festival to cover first, and The Clifford Ball came in at number 1, proving that chronological order is the way to go. Fortunately, Scotty, Drew and Tanya were all at the Ball, and can offer first hand reviews and insight. Like always, we assembled some choice clips and even opted to sneak an extra one in during the intro. And since this is the “Nerd Music Phish Cast” (as I heard it referred to last week), the blog post can be pretty simple. Listen in, and enjoy some pictures and technical info after the page break.

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