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Episode 20: The Clifford Ball


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This week our topic is the first in a series of festival reviews. We gave everyone the choice of which festival to cover first, and The Clifford Ball came in at number 1, proving that chronological order is the way to go. Fortunately, Scotty, Drew and Tanya were all at the Ball, and can offer first hand reviews and insight. Like always, we assembled some choice clips and even opted to sneak an extra one in during the intro. And since this is the “Nerd Music Phish Cast” (as I heard it referred to last week), the blog post can be pretty simple. Listen in, and enjoy some pictures and technical info after the page break.

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August 15, 1996
Source: AUD1 Nak300 > DAT > XLII-S
Transfer: HK TD4400 > Steinberg VSL2020 > Wavelab > WAV > FLAC

August 16, 1996
Source: SBD>DAT(99% of the show)
SOAM Sources: AUD SHN(1st minute), 44.1kHz FM DAT For the remainder
Conversion: Tascam DA40 DAT@48kHz > REBA > Wavelab 4.0e > 44.1kHz Wav > CD Wave > SHNv3

August 17, 1996 @ 3:30 am
“The Clifford Ball Flatbed Jam” (excerpt)  13:39
?mic > Sony D6 > Master DAT > Cass/1 > CDR > EAC > Soundforge 6.0 > FLAC

August 17, 1996
Source: DSBD -> DAT (99% of the show)
Old Home Place: Pre-FMSBD DAT
PYITE: 1st 1:05 DAUD DAT
Suzie Greenberg: 1st second taken from DAUD DAT
Slave Source: FMSBD Broadcast -> DAT -> CD -> EAC

Clips: Soundcheck, Bathtub, Mikes > Simple, DWD, Flatbed, Brother, Slave, Harpua


Recorded: 05/09/2011

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Scott Bernstein, Drew Hitz, Tanya Sperry

Duration: 119:05

File Size: 99.7 MB


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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

4 thoughts on “Episode 20: The Clifford Ball

  1. I totally agree about loving how certain tunes set up big energy for the tunes that follow (Oh Kee Pah, 2001, Curtain Without, etc) and can enable great versions.

    That’s why I want to see Landlady ripped out and paired with Destiny Unbound, now that it is back. The recent versions haven’t been stellar, but those opening big bends sound a lot hotter after that descending riff out of Landlady.

    It’s cool to still play PYITE at that show, too. Just substitute Stash for Landlady. :)

    Great Slave, but the Went Slave was a beautiful build, too.

  2. Great post. Not at the festival but I’ve watched the DVD Phish put out and there is something about that set starting with The Curtain. Even It’s Ice (not my favorite tune) has a certain energy and groove that I continue to revisit. It’s obvious to me Phish was reaching new levels of confidence in their playing at this time. Keep the hits coming guys, love the podcast.

  3. Enjoyed the episode. Will have to disagree on (at least the clip of) the Mike’s. Heard much better, don’t care for the emotion associated with it. Looking forward to the next ‘cast. Cheers.

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