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Episode 21: Pre-Tour Stretch


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It’s almost tour and we’ve said enough about the last two years! So in this episode Steve and Eric dust off some of the surprise gigs and practice sessions in Phish history to check out some early and eventful renditions of songs common today. We also take a look ahead with thoughts on the upcoming summer tour and if and when we will begin to see some of our own new material.

Thanks for listening. Please join us next time for Summer Tour Updates.



  1. 1992-01-14 – NICU
  2. 1995-05-14 – Glide II
  3. 1996-06-06 – Scent Of A Mule
  4. 1997-06-06 –  Ghost
  5. Bearsville Sessions – What’s The Use?
  6. 2000-05-18 – Bug


Cast: Stephen Olker & Eric Wyman

Runtime: 20:23

File Size: 57.7 mb

Recorded: 5/25/11

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

4 thoughts on “Episode 21: Pre-Tour Stretch

  1. I’m saving listening to this for the drive to my Clarkston-Cuyahoga Falls-Cincinnati stretch of shows. We shall see if your premonitions are correct. :)

    Unfortunately, probably no Alaska for me, as they played it Tuesday in Jersey. Actually, that whole show looks killer.

    Whatevs. Slave in Cinci, KDF in Cuyahoga, and who cares in Detroit – it is always great.

  2. Well, Slave was a day early, but that Detroit show was one for the ages.

  3. It was, as I said, a good show, especially for two panelists. I thought though, that the Sloth criticism was peculiar. Made me think of that “Bittersweet Motel” scene where Trey is like, “I could give a f*** if we miss a change. Or several changes…”

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