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Episode 22: Bethel Woods, 2011


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This week, Tanya, Sam, Scott, and I kick off the first of our summer tour reviews, starting with Bethel Woods. Luckily, 3/4 of the panel attended this one, thus being able to offer our thoughts at the time and then on second listen. Without spoiling too much, we all agreed that the first two nights were very solid, and while the third wasn’t horrible, it left a little to be desired. As usual, we had a tough time choosing clips, since there were many tasty nuggets, especially in the first sets of the first two nights. A lot of ground was covered in this hour long episode, discussing such topics as “meltdown jams” and “plinko”. And while everyone hates when we agree, there is not much debate about how this tour opener ranks. Be sure to listen all the way through and post your comments below. Our next episode is scheduled for Tuesday, 6/7/11, to discuss the PNC shows.

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PS: For the entirety of Summer Tour ’11, Type II Cast will review every show. We hope to get those reviews recorded within a week or two of the performance. We will not record on the normal Tuesday night schedule during this time. Stay tuned to twitter or Facebook or subscribe in iTunes in order to catch new episodes.

PPS: For a supplemental look at Bethel Woods, check out TWoL’s coverage of the scene.

(spoilers after the break)



Kill Devil Falls

Boogie on Reggae Woman


Runaway Jim

Bathtub Gin

Halley’s Comet

Makisupa Policeman

Source (all clips):

Schoeps mk4v> KC5> M222> NT222> Aeta PSP-3> SD 744t (@24bit/96kHz)
Transfer: SD 744t> Samplitude SE 9.1.1(dither/resample)> CDWave> flac(16/44.1)
Taped, Transferred & Seeded by: taylorc

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Scott Bernstein, Sam Davis, Tana Sperry

Recorded: 6/5/11

Run Time: 59:30

File Size: 73.4 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 22: Bethel Woods, 2011

  1. Great show guys. Also of note is just how solid the standard type 1 jams are. Tunes like limb by limb have that extra oomph to them that they were missing previously even though they don’t go into treasured type ii territory. Super pumped about where the band is these days.

  2. Bullet points:

    * Free t-shirts for every panelist that pledges to eliminate “buttery” from their vocabulary. Seriously. Tweet me your size and address.

    * Stephen, your role as producer/panelist has gotten really good. Like 200% improvement. Thank you for continuing to ‘cast.

    * Didn’t care for the “Boogie” jam. I like to reggae.

    * Sam — I’ve said it before, but your musicianship/musical expertise gives you a platform to say more than you do. I wouldn’t mind if you spent a moment, for example, talking about the boomerang pedal and how it compares to his others.

    * Overall, great clips.

    * What’s with the “Squriming” hate, Stephen. Glad Sam added his two cents, and then the (scottyB) comment regarding personal tastes was made.

    * Apropos of this episode and the Twitter drama yesterday, what, pray tell, is with all of the hate out there for “Joy” songs? Is it because their jam potential is still undeveloped? See: the KDF clip from this episode. Don’t like that song. Great jam.

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