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Episode 23: PNC, 2011


Listen to Epsisode 23

This week, I am joined by Adam Scheinberg from Phish.net, and we review Phish’s 2 night run at PNC Banks Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. This is Phish’s first return to my hometown venue in just about 11 years, and I was uber excited for these 2 shows. Perhaps a little too excited as, by Wednesday evening, I ended up feeling a little short changed. Fortunately, Adam was there Wednesday night as well to help balance out my (at times) jaded opinions. In the grand scheme of things, these 2 shows are still worth a listen, and there were definite highlights, but we doubt they will end up in your  tape mp3 rotation.  

Thanks for lsitening,


PS: There is a slight low-end hum that is noticeable on this recording. I apologize in advance, and will hopefully have it worked out by next episode.

Show Notes:

Coming Soon!!!!

Recorded: 6/7/11

Cast: Stephen Olker and Adam Scheinberg

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Author: Stephen Olker

On the scene since you were 2.

3 thoughts on “Episode 23: PNC, 2011

  1. Guys, you mention Page’s vocal effects in “No Quarter” and I read one blogger (Hidden Track maybe?) who said Page’s vocals were routed through the Leslie cabinet of his B3, distorted by the fan blades. Pretty cool.

  2. Don’t know what Yakety Sax is?

    Sorry about your luck, guys. My childhood would have been much more desolate without the brilliant Benny Hill.

    Great Cast. Can’t wait for the 6/3-5/11 Cast. Those shows were so good, even The Wedge got a fat jam.

  3. Really solid episode. Stephen — maybe your best (as panelist) yet. Having Adam aboard was a treat. What he said about “No Quarter” being played again or not was on the money, as was Stephen’s foul-ball metaphor. I appreciate the honesty in not “front”ing and admitting that you didn’t recognize “Quarter,” but man — not being a Zeppelin fan is, well, frankly, unspeakable.

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