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Episode 28: SuperBall IX


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For our SuperBall IX review, Scotty, Steve and I present our top ten favorite moments of the 9th Phish festival that took place over fourth of July weekend at Watkins Glen. To come up with our top ten, the three of us each submitted a personal top ten. It turned out that eight songs/jams overlapped and were easily chosen, and the nine and ten slots were filled by Steve and I, respectively. To share our favorite moments, we have ((eight)) audio clips, first-hand accounts by Scotty and Steve who attended, and my perspective as a devoted fan whose holiday weekend revolved around the crisp audio stream that delivered every set via internet radio. Thanks for listening, and, as always, please share your comments here.


Cast: Scott Bernstein, Stephen Olker, Tanya Sperry

Recorded: 7/27/11

Run Time: 109:35

File size: 107.7mb

* Apologies for some missing fades on clips.

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

14 thoughts on “Episode 28: SuperBall IX

  1. Nice work guys! Would have swapped the Monkey Man for Twist on the top 10. Hopefully we all make it back to Watkins for a Superball X next year.. Until then go West Coast!

  2. I could’ve been distracted, but were there actually 10 moments in the top 10? I felt like 10) was “Mound,” 9) was “Light,” or maybe “Reba,” and then Scotty said, “And that brings us to number seven…”

    But, not in correct order, I recall the following:

    10) “Mound”
    9) “Light”
    8) “Reba”
    7) “Scents”
    6) “Monkey Man”
    5) “Simple”
    4) “Golden Age”
    3) “Forbin” narration
    2) “Storage–>Monkey”

    Am I missing something? Either way, great show. Many thanks.

    p.s. Can we get Tanya a new mic’ rig already?

  3. Why my eight became a smiley face and moved to the previous line is beyond me.

  4. Mound, Light, Monkey Man, Reba, Forbin’s Narration, ASIHTOS, Scents, Simple, Golden Age, Storage Jam from 10 to 1. Hopefully folks will not read these comments before listening – no spoilers

  5. Got it. I did think I’d heard some talk about “Ocean,” but didn’t recall it getting a number.

  6. great show guys! so glad to have you back

  7. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this show. I have not commented until now, but I’ve been listening and I enjoy it. I had a wife and kid-free house for all of Superball (dumb luck) and with the excellent quality stream, I didn’t miss a minute. I was very impressed overall and it was good to hear you were too. The top 10 was a decent idea, otherwise you could be talking for hours. cheers. Don. St. Paul.

  8. Excellent work guys! Always a pleasure killing an hour of work while listening to equally excellent commentary and jams.

  9. Finally, i get to take in your guy’s insight on Super Ball IX. I always enjoy listening to you guys views of the shows. I wasn’t able to attend but i listened live and downloaded the shows as soon as they were available. I definitely think “Simple” was the highlight of the first night and one the best jams of the three nght run. Also, really enjoyed “Mango” and very suprised with how great “Scents” was, also agree on one the more meaningful “Reba” ive ever heard. and there is no words to describe the storage jam into monkey. Awesome music !! and great commentary by you guys.

  10. Thanks for turning me onto this mound- it is the sht…

  11. As per usual, excellent listen.

    Tanya should not have had to push for Mound, however. It was a no-brainer Top 10 inclusion. I got the extra mustard all over my shirt.

    I would’ve loved to hear the previous song, “Wilson,” get its due respect too, as I feel like it was an all-timer. But alas, that’s why you guys are the pros.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work! @thewser

    • Agreed that Wilson was special. Mound was in Scotty’s top 10, and Suskind Hotel in mine, so I figured featuring Mound gave us a chance to talk about both as well as the excellent performance of Destiny Unbound. Thanks for commenting.

  12. great episode peeps. great meeting you at SBIX Steve. cheers.

  13. would love to hear an episode on festival 8. just something for you to chew on if you like.

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