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Episode 29: The Lost Episodes, Leg 1 2011


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While everyone was waiting for the first night of Phish’s 2-night webcast from Lake Tahoe, the Type II crew got together to recover some missing territory. It’s been a busy summer and somehow we never got the chance to discuss the last five shows of Leg 1. The sticklers for detail that we are we thought it would be unjust to not at least cover our thoughts and favorite clips from Alpharetta, Charlotte, Raleigh and Portsmouth. Over the hour leading up to Tahoe we discussed our thoughts on webcasts, fan expectations and most of all some amazing musical moments. Here’s to a great tour and we’ll be back to cover the newest shows real soon.

- Eric


Cast: Stephen Olker, Drew Hitz, Justin Wendt, and Eric Wyman


Run Time: 105:31

File size: 99.9mb

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7 thoughts on “Episode 29: The Lost Episodes, Leg 1 2011

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  2. Did anybody realize that that chord progression they are playing in the Charlotte Rock and Roll is the same as the chord progression they get to in the Ghost immediately after? Fucking amazing stuff.

  3. SO glad you played that Ghost clip…fucking LOVE this ghost. Such a deep and spiritual peak on that beast

  4. also one more thing. I feel like you guys do a really good job talking about some of your criticisms in a way that is listenable and graceful as opposed to abrasive or offensive so nice job on that.

    • I was pleasantly supirrsed to hear you using the original VtM titles (scourge, whip, etc.) rather than the VtR titles (hound, sheriff) that were imported into V20. Was this just a preference of Eddy’s or was the insertion of the VtR terms a last minute design change?

  5. Where’s the new stuff!!! come on guys by the time you post these nobody’s interested anymore!

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