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Episode 30: Good Lord, Was it Alright.


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By the time you are reading this, Phish will have completed Leg 2 of their 2011 Summer Tour, but here at type II cast, we are just starting the reviews. This week, Scotty, Drew, and Eric tackle the first 3 shows, both Gorge and the Hollywood Bowl. As usual, we selected a few clips to highlight what makes these shows stand out. And we tried not to let future events effect our opinions, though Drew does step into the future machine once.

This post is gonna be another “No Spoilers” episode, as knowing the clips ahead of time could bias some of you out there. Feel free to voice your opinion below, we all check the blog from time to time.

Thanks to all the loyal listeners out there, stay tuned as next week we discuss Tahoe and Outside Lands.

- Steve


Recorded on 8/23/2011

Host: Stephen Olker

Cast: Scott Bernstein, Drew Hitz, and Eric Wyman

Run Time: 58:05

File Size: 76.4 mbs

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

5 thoughts on “Episode 30: Good Lord, Was it Alright.

  1. Not that you are alone ( I am sure ) Scotty, but I will disagree with you here. When the show was happening on the couch, and Farmhouse appeared, I was groaning loudly. I haaaate Farmhouse, but this time, it was beautifully played. I was reminded of the delicate solos from Drifting, and I recanted my earlier complaint.

    Then Show of Life. No argument here. I really liked this song . . . until after I heard it 10 times. Ungh.

    The Julius had me groaning again, but once again, the jam was slick with Trey absolutely *swinging*! The playfulness of the band reminded me of the Went Julius (which I love) and blazed for 6+ minutes to a great finale.

    While these (along with Zero) were certainly not the final songs I wanted to hear to end this set, and I will definitely be cutting out SOL and Zero, the Farmhouse and Julius have earned their spot on the Repeat Listen Rotation.

    Great episode. I loved the “new take” and it was nice to see all the great segues given equal time in the spotlight.

    ….and 50 Ways is my new #2 Fishman tune.

  2. That point about the Mike at the end of “Rock ‘n’ Roll” — his Will-Play-Top-100-Bass-Line-For-Cash bass line — couldn’t have been more accurate. This was nearly my thought exactly at the very end of SBIX’s “Golden Age” jam. Mike sets something up there unworldy, but “Caspian” cuts it short. You hear what I hear? Thoughts?

  3. Great stuff guys!
    Gorge really was the best of the West
    Which one of you sounds like Seth Rogan? :)

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