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Episode 31: Tahoe and Outside Lands


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Always something new on type II, this week we find just myself hosting with 2 guests from Phish.net, Brian Feller and Charlie Dirksen. Both were in attendance at Tahoe, and Charlie made the trip to Golden Gate Park for Outside Lands. I was on official couchtour for Tahoe, and then the ole “guy with iPhone who eats food and shows you his friends” couchtour for OL. Recognizing that we are late to the game with our review, and that most people understand nothing “epic” went down, we had to choose our clips carefully. 9 made the final cut, which is a mix of short solo’s, some questionable vocals, and straight type II hose. Beyond the clips and analysis, Brian and Charlie both shared some thoughts on the venues and what kind of jams and songs they love and hate.

We hope you enjoy this weeks installment of type II, we will be back next week with more guest hosts and our review of the highly regarded UIC shows. Thanks for listening, and remember:

“Songs were played, and then the next songs were played.” (BF)

- Steve


Recorded: 8/31/2011

Host: Stephen Olker

Cast: Charlie Dirksen and Brian Feller

Run Time: 108.18

File Size: 106.5mb

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Author: Stephen Olker

On the scene since you were 2.

3 thoughts on “Episode 31: Tahoe and Outside Lands

  1. Re: “a Northern California show”

    What does that mean? They play more songs instead of jams?
    Why does that exist? LA shows are always weak. The best shows I’ve seen were in the southeast. What is the meaning of this?
    end of rant.

  2. Dig hearing fresh voices. Good sense of humors floating around in here, too. Thanks.

  3. Outside lands was a solid show,they played some gems and the whole golden gate park spirit came alive when all the spunions busted out their little light toys and started swinging them around…good times

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