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Episode 35: The Reba Show


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This week Adam, Steve and I take a listen to an entire hour of Reba jams. Since its debut Reba has been a mainstay in the Phish catalog producing beautiful melody and scorching jam. After listening to the composed section to properly set up the hour, we take a dive into clips that show the great range of jams in its history and dissect the elements and subtle differences in these jams. So join us as we listen to a ton of Reba and leave wanting more.

- Eric

This week’s clips:

  1. 07/12/91 Colonial Theatre, Keene NH
  2. 7/15/94 Jones Beach, Wantagh NY
  3. 03/22/93 Crest Theater, Sacramento CA
  4. 11/8/96 Mid South Coliseum, Memphis, TN
  5. 10/29/98 Greek Theatre, Los Angeles CA
  6. 10/25/95 St Paul Civic Center, St Paul MN
  7.  8/16/93 American Theatre, St Louis MI
Show Notes:
Topic: REBA
Recorded: 10/25/11
Host: Stephen Olker
Cast: Eric Wyman & Adam B.
Run Time: 106.17
File Size: 98.2 mb
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12 thoughts on “Episode 35: The Reba Show

  1. I think you meant 11/18/96. I know because that was my FIRST SHOW. Sick Reba and a sick Simple from that show.

  2. The show stops around 10 mins for me- is anyone else having that problem?

  3. I don’t want to call this my favorite episode, but man…it was super tight. Really good stuff from start to finish. I thought it was ballsy to pick the topic (and would like to see it done again with other songs, like, stat), it had the perfect blend of preparation and impromptu speaking, featured great clips, and was all around clean, polished, and professional. Well, done, guys. Thank you, Stephen, for continuing to produce this podcast.

    Oh, and color me stupid, but when are us outsiders (read:stupid people) going to get clued in on what “hose” means?

    • Thanks for the feedback man, really appreciate it.

      Hose = the perception of type II notes being showered on the audience.

      At least that’s my interpretation of the term.

      • I’m confused about where the game sntads. Is it in Alpha? Is it in Beta? I remember Russ telling Daeron at GDC that Alpha would be in 30 days, which is where we are now. Russ also said a Beta would follow in early summer, but there has been a lot of talk about this F&F Beta going on right now. It’s all very confusing.

    • a hose is something that carries water from one place to another

  4. I like both definitions. Thanks for the quality entertainment tonight. Keep em’ coming.

  5. Nice show! Soaring Rebas (Rebae?). I dig the 7/15/94 Reba w/ its “Brazil” and “Sailor’s Hornpipe” teases (I think the latter is mislabeled as a “Popeye” tease on phish.net). The versions from 3/22/93 and 10/25/95 are long-time favs.

  6. Great episode, unearthing some gems. Love it.

    I’ve said it before but I’ll have to say it again here. My favorite Reba (and maybe my favorite Phish jam ever) is the NYE 93 Reba. 12/31/93. The jam is not super long, not does it get super quiet but when Trey gets serious about the jam at the 7:41 mark there is not a single wasted note from anyone in the band. Trey never repeats a musical phrase and the whole thing has a seamless build to a fierce peak.

    As a guitarist I’ve learned a few of the licks he plays in this Reba. They are genius. True to Phish I’ve never heard him play these licks that build the peak before or since. Amazing. The band follows Trey flawlessly pouncing on every phrase like they’ll out to kill.

  7. listened to this one this morning. Good show!

    Just one correction. The ’96 Reba in question is 11/8/96 from Assembly Hall Champaign, IL. You had the date right but the venue was wrong (both as listed here and on the podcast).

    In any event, HOLY CRAP. The peak in that Reba blew my mind. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Reba peak that hard before.


    (FWIW, the Memphis show with a similar date (11/18/96) has a great Reba, too.

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