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From The Hose 1: 90′s Phish Turkey Mixer


Listen to 90′s Phish Turkey Mixer

The 90′s were full of fall tours surrounding the Tryptophan’d holiday of Thanksgiving. And whether by design or luck, Phish seems to have often brought the heat in the show following. Today we take a listen to a few selections meeting the above criteria. This is straight music: some whole songs, some jams, in all about 1.5 hours. We hope this is something you will enjoy while venturing out to get your turkey on. If all goes well, we will be back with an MSG Mixer to get you ready for New Years Eve.

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

7 thoughts on “From The Hose 1: 90′s Phish Turkey Mixer

  1. Love the Aaron Copeland homage to start I had never heard this nor did I know it was done. Thanks

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  3. great job! looking forward to the MSG Mix!!

  4. How about a track list for this? The first couple are obviously before Page got his “real” piano, but I’d love to just have a complete list. (I could potentially research it, but I am lazy)

  5. man… i deleted the list I had.

    The songs are each from the next show after Thanksgiving, all in chronological order, from the 90′s.

    That should make it easy enough to figure out. I’ll get around to it unless someone beats me to it.

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