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Episode 38: Summer 91

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Our last podcast of 2011 is a trip down memory lane with guest Parker Harrington. When given the opportunity to choose a topic for this show, I went with the summer ’91 GCH tour because it holds perhaps my favorite Phish experience and represents an important time for the music as well as the community. I have always been a casual fan, hitting a handful of local shows while holding on to that day job <<yawn>> So, I invited Parker to join us and share his experiences. Parker attended every show this tour including Amy’s Farm and was among the first tapers. We crafted this episode by choosing a handful of clips that demonstrate the multidimensional influence of the horns on the music and letting the music guide our conversation. I hope that we inspire you to go back and explore these special shows.


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Episode 37: Hampton/Winston-Salem ‘97

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This week on the podcast join Scott, Eric and myself as we review the highly anticipated release of Phish’s Hampton Winston/Salem ’97 7-CD Box Set. Everyone and their brother has probably already listened to this. A few times. Every blogger has already written a review. Polls are up. Debates are occurring. But as any seasoned listener of the program should expect, we bring you a little bit of “all of the above”, with some choice clips thrown into the mix. What were the cast’s favorite moments? Never any spoilers here, hit play or go download in iTunes. (hint hint)

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Episode 36: Europe 98

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This week on the program, I am joined by Adam Scheinberg and Jeremy Welsh of phish.net, and we talk about the Europe Tour from Summer 98. Adam was in attendance at almost every show this tour, while Jeremy hit 2 of arguably the best. I, on the other hand, probably didn’t even realize Phish had left the country at the time. Like in 97, this tour saw phish play small clubs, debut new songs, and treat the fans to a variety of antics, some intentional, some probably not. As usual, we found tasty clips to highlight some of the better and perhaps overlooked moments of these 10 shows. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be whisked away to an intimate time in Phishtory.

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