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Episode 39: MSG 2011


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Hello and Happy New Year! Type II is back this week with a fresh episode and it should be no surprise that we are reviewing the MSG New Year’s Eve run. After just a few days to gather our thoughts, Scotty and I sat down with guests Charlie Dirksen and Dave Calarco for almost two hours last night. With lots to talk about, we debate the best and the worst of what has become some of the most anticipated shows each year. Of course, we offer up some of the tastiest clips to supplement our discussion. And whether you are a “jaded vet” or just saw your first shows, we are sure you will enjoy this blast from the hose.

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NYE - Stephen Olker 2012


Episode 39

Topic: Phish New Year’s Eve Run 2011

Recorded: 01/04/2012

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Scott Bernstein

Guests: Charlie Dirksen and Dave Calarco

Run Time: 1:31:42

File Size: 165.6 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

7 thoughts on “Episode 39: MSG 2011

  1. very well done!

  2. Just too negative on this one guys, appreciate the clips and commentary, but y’all come off like you didn’t have a good time. I know you’d say, “but dude, blah blah, I always have a good time, I just have high standards”…well that’s what every jaded vet says and on this podcast y’all all sound a good bit jaded. I mean, that Chalkdust>Hydrogen transition…its new, off the cuff, was absolutely pulled off and sounded fine live, yet you guys are hating on it?

    Like I said, just too negative, no one wants to listen to y’all complain that much, try to keep things a little more light and positive in the future and I’ll continue to listen.

  3. These MSG shows were a let down for me too, but this was one of my favorite discussions so far. Bring back Scott, Charlie, and Dave any time — nice work guys.

  4. Great discussion boys. It’s great what you do for the community! The 28th elevated my excitement for the next three. Unfortunately, the next three did not deliver the goods.
    Of course I had fun, who doesn’t? Looking at it from a purely musical stand point, take out the Piper and Paug and you are left with average Phish.

  5. I appreciate the insight but let me offer 2 bits of advice: 1) Invest in Manpons. 2) Stop whining. If I want to listen to a bunch of bitches complain I’d put on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.
    Mr. Miner: No need to say “In my opinion”. Everything anyone ever says (unless credit is given) is their opinion. Your no exception. If you had a brain cell for every time you said “in my opinion” you might actually be capable of writing an intelligent review.

  6. Those dissolves out of jams are all page. when he uses that piano he does for Meatstick it all falls apart, there is nothing the band can do.

    there are tons of examples like this. If he is gonna use that then the band needs to respond with a second wave of improv

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