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Episode 40: Tension and Release


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Joining me on the show this week we have regular host Drew Hitz and new guest Chris Glushko. The three of us discuss the band’s use of tension and release in their sound, jamming, and crowd interaction. If you aren’t familiar with the term check the wiki page for a simple explanation (for a more technical blurb, peep this Trey article). Of course, we found ways to illustrate this musical concept and broke a few rules in the process. There are tasty clips peppered throughout the hour and some aren’t even Phish tunes. We recorded on a Sunday, which is probably not kosher for some reason. And lastly, skype went the whole time without needing to be reset. I can’t say if any of these correlate to it being a good episode, but I’m confident it won’t be time wasted.

Thanks for listening,


PS: The next episode is going to be “Listener’s Choice.” What does that mean? It means that you get to participate. The offer is open for three listeners of type II cast to guest host and each choose three clips that you would like to share. They should be something that (hopefully) not many people have heard, or at least clips we haven’t already played on the show. It would help if you were there at the time, but not a requirement. And, most importantly, you should want to discuss why you love these clips/songs/shows/etc. To be one of the guests, here’s what you need to do:

1) Follow @typeIIcast on twitter and tweet something like “I want to be a guest on @typeIIcast for the #listenerschoice episode.” (as long as you @reply us and use the hashtag, then you are good)


2) Follow this blog in wordpress and leave a comment below indicating that you want to be a guest.

I will randomly select (scout’s honor) the three people. You will need to have a computer/phone/iPad that has an internet connection, microphone/speakers/headset, and Skype. The episode will record 2/28/2012 at 8pm eastern. So make sure you will be available at that time (the show runs for about an hour and a half). Don’t worry about the clips, I take care of all that. You just need to tell me the who/ what/when/where/etc. Entries are open till 2/20/2012 at noon. I will randomly select the guests at that time and contact them via twitter or the email provided on the blog. Feel free free to ask any questions and good luck!

Disclaimer: Employees, their families, and subsidiaries of TWoL/TypeIICast are not eligible to enter. Offer void where prohibited by law.

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

7 thoughts on “Episode 40: Tension and Release

  1. Just to clarify re: Listener’s Choice episode, it should be a fun, no pressure episode. Mostly clips, with some light discussion of why you picked what you picked. Any questions, hit me up.

  2. I’d love to discuss the “mixolydian mode” as the primary “phish” sound. Most of the jams and chord progressions that phish plays incorporate this mode either directly and I think it is one of the main reasons that Phish’s music is so trance inducing, and why some have a hard time “getting it” when they hear phish for the first time. It’s an unstable mode and has a very specific sound and would be fun to discuss on type ii cast.

    Just for clarity, the mixolydian mode is a 7 note major scale with a flatted 7th rather than the raised 7th of the major scale or ionian mode.

    Mixolydian is often used in a lot of new age music as well, including a lot of “yoga” type music because it involves a similar trance inducing quality.
    It’s also the main mode of gospel music which is also very spiritual music and generates trance like or euphoric like states.

  3. As a regular listener since the beginning, I cherish the potential to “geek out” on Phish!

    I could pick a bunch of different clips, but I would go with my favorite Reba and jam in general from 10/21/95. Obviously, many have probably heard it by now since it was an official Live Phish release, but I was actually kind of surprised that it was not covered in the Reba show. The full show is actually stupendous, but I have always (for about 15 years now) gravitated back to this reba jam, and can pretty much sing treys guitar lines throughout the jam!

  4. I would love to geek out about phish’s use of space in there jams especially in terms of the “funk”. Jams that may be included if im slected 12/31/96 disease, 2-17-97 carini, 11-19-97 wolfmans

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