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Episode 42: 2.0 Intervention (or something)


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This week on the podcast I am joined by Charlie Dirksen and Chris Glushko. Their goal: to convince me that I shouldn’t “hate” on Phish 2.0. They picked 10 clips, over 40 minutes in total. Of course it was hard to argue against these type II nuggets. In retrospect, I should have enlisted someone to help support my cause. But it’s all good, as no one loses when you listen to more Phish.

Thanks for tuning in. We will see you guys soon.



Episode 42

Topic: 2.0 Intervention (or something)

Recorded: 02/13/2012

Host: Stephen Olker

Guests: Charlie Dirksen and Chris Glushko

Run Time: 1:38:50

File Size: 161 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

9 thoughts on “Episode 42: 2.0 Intervention (or something)

  1. I would like to sincerely apologize to the listeners for screwing up

    (1) the location of Oswego (NY, not NJ; I have repressed parts of it; I should go back and re-listen to it, of course, as my prejudice against it is likely irrational/baseless); and,

    (2) the year of the (type II) Chalk Dust Torture that occurred at Camden in June 2010 (not June 2009!). If there is anything else I screwed up I apologize for that, too. Thank you for listening despite my incapacity.

  2. As a regular Type II listener I’ll conditionally accept your apology. Here are my terms.

    Now, as a non-paying consumer of Phish nerdiness I feel I am entitled to some compensation here. First of all, I demand you immediately go back and listen to Oswego. Not because it’s good, but because if Phish isn’t allowed to slip in their old age neither are you Dirksen. Simply put, Charlie Dirksen 1.0 would never have flubbed that Chalkdust reference. I mean, what am I not paying for here? All I’m saying is you’d better come strong with an uncut 7 hour Ultimate Dirksen YEMcast with in-depth analysis chronicling all your favorite versions. Just pick up your meatstick and knock that shit out of the park and all is forgiven. It’s the least you can do to atone for this malfeasance. I mean, what if Trey decided to “do his taxes” in the middle of a set?

    As for the rest of the show, it seems that Mr. Olker must have some seriously masochistic tendencies. Intervention? I haven’t heard a man take a pounding like that since my college suitemate dated that Argentinean girl. Don’t get me wrong, your “I was pretty non-shwilly during 2.0″ defense was convincing, but is that really all you’ve got? You should have made everyone endure at least one God-awful early 2.0 “musical abortion” clip and saved a little face. NYE 02 and Hampton don’t count? What kind of hater lets that shit slide? I don’t know, after an effort like that I can’t help but think that maybe you care more about your job and family than this band, and that’s just sad.

    Oh, and for the 2.0 advocates what about NYE 03? The 30th was good but I seem to remember the CDT>Auld Lang Sang>CDT>Slave>CDT from NYE being pretty damn special, not to mention the 1st set Wilson and Tube continuations! Blat boom ba digga boom digga digga opener for fuck’s sake! The Seven Below from that show is also a heavyweight contender for best ever version of that song.

    Not even a mention of the Nassau Tweezer?

    What about the amazingly beautiful psychedelic Waves and 46 Days jams from IT?

    20th anniversary show completely ignored?

    I’m so disgusted I‘m seriously thinking about taking my non-business to your non-competitors.

    Bob Weaver

    • Thanks for the well thought out comment. I agree with you that I should have played the coventry curtain or something as my final rebuttal / “mic drop”. But I was giving them time to play all the clips they wanted. And, it should be a no brainer that there were plenty of 2.0 complications.

      That said, Chris and Charlie did a fine job of pointing out some redeeming qualities in an era that I still won’t hit play on that much these days.

  3. Great job on the podcast, guys. I agree completely with Charlie and Chris – and I EVEN agree with Chris that Summer 2003 is a lot tighter than people would have us remember. I suspect the 7/29/03 Harpua caused so many bad memories that people remember the entire tour as a mess.

    IT is just astounding, and musically, has to be considered as a serious contender for greatest Phish festival – INCLUDING Cypress. Just add up the “bold” jams (i.e., bolded on the phish.net jamming charts) from the two days: Ya Mar, Down with Disease, Waves, Rock and Roll, Scents, Chalkdust Torture (best ever!?!?!?), raging 30+ minute Ghost (best ever?!?!)… and that doesn’t even count the nearly 40-minute 46 Days from the last set on the last day and the Tower Jam, which would both have bolds if they had charts. Taken as a whole, those jams are as diverse, profound, adventurous, and as downright beautiful as any that Phish have played over the course of two shows at any point in their career.

    And that’s not even to mention many other well-above average versions of great songs – Birds, Reba, the most perfect Bug ever played, Pebbles and Marbles, YEM is above average. It’s just an absurdly packed show, and in my opinion, compares favorably EVEN to Big Cypress. I’m not saying it’s better than Cypress – an 8 hour set is uniquely special – but measured by the number and quality of peak jams, I’m inclined to rank this first.

    I certainly think it puts the Ball, Went, and Lemonwheel to shame.

  4. Stephen I think all you need to do is really take a good listen to a clip that hasn’t been mentioned and definitely deserved to be. scratch that don’t listen to the clip listen to the full bathtub gin from nassau 2003. and that doesn’t change your mind ever so slightly I don’t know much else we can do for you. that being said to each his own. and keep up the good work I love the show and have been catching up listening to an episode every night since I just recently stumbled across the site. Thanks again for everyone’s hard work to put this site together. Hope to meet some of you guys this upcoming tour. will be attending atlantic city and saratoga. possibbly burgettstown too since I think it will be the sleeper show of the tour. was there when they pulled out harpua, crosseyed, mcrgupp and of course thunderhead hehe. Only dilemma I have right now is getting a ride to some of the shows. looking forward to the next episode.

    Dan K.

    • thanks for listeing man. I (we) will be at some of the shows. check the thisweekonlot social medias for updates ;-)

      and I find some value in 2.0. It’s just not in my regular rotation these days.

      • Hey stephen, dan koschak here. i’m looking to hit up ac but can’t seem to find anyone to get a place to stay with me. i dont know if you would be able to help or point me in the direction where i can resolve this earth shattering issue i have.. plus thinking about going burgettstown i think this will be sleeper show of the first leg. thanks for ur time. keep up the good work love the show. over and out

  5. Doh- I should have been taking notes. I listened to this podcast and then went to do my homework — I hadn’t downloaded any of 2003 — but couldn’t remember any of the dates of the clips. It would be fun if you listed these in your podcast summary so peeps could know off hand what exactly you’re talking about in the show (before or after listening to it.

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