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Episode 45: The Story of the Ghost

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This week on the podcast, I am joined by Dave Calarco and Stephen Tuzeneu to discuss the evolution … er … Story of the Ghost. Similar to the Mike’s episode, we take you on a journey from the birth of Ghost, track how it evolved in 1.0, and touch on the unfortunate treatment it has seen (mostly) in 3.0. I wish I could joke about only having a few clips, but that would be ridiculous as we have MORE CLIPS THAN ANY EPISODE BEFORE.  Have no fear, we guarantee you will enjoy and leave with a nugget of knowledge about this fan favorite.

I feel like I’ve never told you, thanks for listening.

- Steve

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The Case for ’99 – Supplement

As promised on the last episode of type II cast, here is our list of honorable mentions, along with the “’99 Power Hour.” The honorable mentions is self explanatory. Not every jam deserving of a clip can make the cut, or the show would be way too long. This week, Scotty went the extra mile and complied a list of everything that should be heard from ’99. Don’t miss out.

As far as the power hour goes, its 60, 1 minute clips from 1999 (obviously). No two clips are cut from the same song, and the hour proceeds in chronological order.  I lost the original “set list” many years ago, so if anyone figures it out, let me know ;-).

Thanks for listening, and reading. We will be back next week talking about “The Story of the Ghost” with Dave Calarco (aka Mr. Miner) and Stephen Tuzeneu from TWoL.

- Steve

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Episode 44: The Case for ’99

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This week on the show I am joined by Scotty and special guest / past panelist Justin Wendt and the three of us discuss one of our favorite years in Phish history, 1999. The mission: to explain why 1999 belongs in the discussion about the band’s best years and show what makes it such a different year than any other. Obviously, many of you might already agree with this statement. But even for us it might be easy to gloss over ’99 in favor of ’98, ’97, or even ’94. Cypress aside, this year saw a new jam style, fun setlist antics, and the overall feeling that we were building towards something special. This is all discussed, and as usual, we have some clips to back it up.

Thanks for listening,


PS: Look for a blog post in the next few days with our “Honorable Mentions” and a bonus track of my special “’99 Power Hour.”

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