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Episode 44: The Case for ’99


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This week on the show I am joined by Scotty and special guest / past panelist Justin Wendt and the three of us discuss one of our favorite years in Phish history, 1999. The mission: to explain why 1999 belongs in the discussion about the band’s best years and show what makes it such a different year than any other. Obviously, many of you might already agree with this statement. But even for us it might be easy to gloss over ’99 in favor of ’98, ’97, or even ’94. Cypress aside, this year saw a new jam style, fun setlist antics, and the overall feeling that we were building towards something special. This is all discussed, and as usual, we have some clips to back it up.

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PS: Look for a blog post in the next few days with our “Honorable Mentions” and a bonus track of my special “’99 Power Hour.”


Episode 44

Topic: The Case for ’99

Date: 05/01/12

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Scott Bernstein

Guest: Justin Wendt

Runtime: 1:17:44

File Size: 128

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

8 thoughts on “Episode 44: The Case for ’99

  1. great cast fellas. Definitely have a new appreciation for 99

  2. Love Type2cast… But no detailed mention of Lakewood run 99 is a crime against humanity..fantastic two shows. Several Classic moments in New songs, segues, teases, and smoking classics.
    And don’t sleep on 99 Oak Mountain, last outdoor before Cypress was rocking. Guys were really having great time on stage. Ripping Maze!

    Thanks for all the hard work.!

  3. Thanks for the feedback… 1999 was such a great year, each tour deserves a it’s own episode. Lakewood ’99 was a wonderful run, the Ghost -> Slave is phenomenal… and will make the Honorable Mentions list.

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  5. thanx for the episode, especially that chalkdust clip. that shit is pure blisss and somehow it slipped through the cracks on me and I never heard it until your show. so thnx again and keep up the good work. ps it is all about philly.

  6. thank you guys for bringing back so many memories and finding ways of expressing so many of my own thoughts about 99

    was blessed enough to see all of summer and the start of fall, heard the earliest of the phil & phriends recordings, saw the maine may Trey solo show, and of course big cypress and just don’t understand people’s issues with 99, especially as you mention the SUPER strong years just prior

    left a 3 year job and hit the road and easily one of my best life experiences

    i have consistently begged livePhish for more 99 and would love to see a giant summer box to make up for lost time:

    7.20 > 7.21 > 7.23 > 7.24 > 7.25

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