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The Case for ’99 – Supplement


As promised on the last episode of type II cast, here is our list of honorable mentions, along with the “’99 Power Hour.” The honorable mentions is self explanatory. Not every jam deserving of a clip can make the cut, or the show would be way too long. This week, Scotty went the extra mile and complied a list of everything that should be heard from ’99. Don’t miss out.

As far as the power hour goes, its 60, 1 minute clips from 1999 (obviously). No two clips are cut from the same song, and the hour proceeds in chronological order.  I lost the original “set list” many years ago, so if anyone figures it out, let me know ;-).

Thanks for listening, and reading. We will be back next week talking about “The Story of the Ghost” with Dave Calarco (aka Mr. Miner) and Stephen Tuzeneu from TWoL.

- Steve

Honorable Mentions, complied by Scotty B.

- 20 Minute+ Show/Tour Opening Bathtub Gin in Bonner Springs (6/30)
– Double encores in Atlanta (7/3 & 7/4)
– Ghost -> Slave from Atlanta (7/4)
– Derek Trucks sitting in at Charlotte (7/7)
– Fee jam from Virginia Beach (7/8)
– Camden Chalkdust and Bathtub (7/10)
– Only Electric Foreplay/Longtime (7/12)
– Scott Murawski Guests on Possum & Tuesday’s Gone (7/13)
– Insane Split from PNC (7/15)
– “Bruce” sings Born to Run w/ Phish (7/16)
– Tweezer > Have Mercy from Oswego (7/17)
– Piper and Icculus madness from Oswego (7/18)
– Misty Mountain Hop debut (7/20)
– Gold Soundz one-timer + Simple -> My Left Toe (7/21)
– Ghost -> Free > Birds from Columbus (7/23)
– Ridic Alpine encore + Jammed Fluffhead and Mango (7/24)
– Nearly all of 7/25/99
– Nearly all of 7/31/99
– Will It Go Round in Circles Bustout (9/10)
– Ghost (9/12)
– Boise Set 2 (9/14)
– Warren Haynes on Misty Mountain Hop (9/16)
– Phil Lesh on Cold Rain & Snow, YEM, Wolfman’s and Viola (9/17)
– Chula Vista Boogie On (9/18)
– Reba encore in Tucson (9/21)
– Highly underrated 9/24/99 II
– Sweet Virginia bustout and horns in NoLa (9/26)
– Oak Mountain Sally and YEM (9/28)
– Memphis 2001 (9/29)
– Hydrogen in Encore at Nassau (10/7)
– We’re Not Gonna Take It in Nassau (10/8)
– The “Other” Albany YEM (10/10)
– 12/2/99 II
– Cincy Sand and Otherworldly Limb by Limb (12/3)
– David Bowie > Have Mercy in Philly (12/10)
– 12/11/99 II
– Raleigh Tweezer (12/16)
– Nearly all of 12/18/99
– Big Cypress, ever hear of it?

Power Hour, compiled by Steve O.

Listen to the ’99 Power Hour

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

3 thoughts on “The Case for ’99 – Supplement

  1. This is a great list. I thought Runaway Jim>Free should have been on here from Oswego. Its a ridiculous version of Runaway jim.

  2. Add Gin jam from Oswego. List goes on. That jam is one of the purest thing I have heard Trey play.

  3. 12/4/99 melt?? anybody??

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