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Episode 50: OH>PA>OH (2012)

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You guys,

I’m gonna keep this one short. This episode covers the Riverbend > Starlake > Blossum run from Summer Tour 2012. Joining me are Tanya and past guest, friend of the show Josh Korin. This was a great three days and as expected it took us a while to cover everything. Great setlists, antics, whale calls, type 17, plinko, and even a bustout litter these six sets. Josh was lucky enough to hit all three, while Tanya and I were confined to the land of ghetto couch tour and a failing Live Phish app. We hold no grudges for missing out on a great run and enjoyed every minute of of our ten clips for the evening. Check back soon in the comments for the track listing.

Thanks for listening and we will see you guys after Alpine.


PS: We need Lushington signs at Jones Beach.

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Episode 49: nTelos (2012)

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This week on the podcast I am joined by Drew and Stephen T. from TWoL. Both were in attendance at the 2 nTelos shows, and I did #couchtour proper. We love this venue, and we love the antics and jams that Phish threw down over this 2 day, midweek run after Bader Field. I had wanted to keep this on the shorter side, but with 6 clips and an outro, will clocked in at just over an hour. As will happen from time to time, we go beyond the show reviews and drop some info and lulz that you don’t want to miss out on.

We will be back in just a few days with our review of Cincinnati > Burgettstown > Cuyahoga. Thanks for listening.

- Steve

Thanks for listening,


PS: Apologies for Drew’s audio which has issues at time. He was on an AT&T iPad in the middle of the woods.

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Episode 48: Bader Field (2012)

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This week on the show, Scotty, Tao Pauly and I review the 3 night “festival” run from Atlantic City, NJ a few days ago. We all were in attendance and couldn’t have been happier with the grounds, crowd and all around quality playing. Those in attendance were treated to some type 2 jams, stage banter and segues a plenty, adding up to a well rounded 6 sets. We had lots to choose from and present you with 10 clips, the exact details of which will be released at a later date. In the meantime, load us up onto your music device and take a trip with us to Bader Field.

Thanks for listening,


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Episode 47: DCU > ROO (2012)

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It’s that time of the year again. When we here at type 2 cast bring you current reviews of each show from the current Phish tour. This episode marks the beginning of the reviews for summer 2012. First at bat: Eric Wyman, Dave Calarco, and myself. All 3 of us hit the DCU center for both nights, and then locked into the Bonnaroo webcast. And for this episode, as you would expect, we found the best clips and offer anecdotes, insight and more to provide a complete review for these 3 shows. And this will be the formula for the rest of the summer. Subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss anything, and be sure to spread some type 2 love around.

Thanks for listening,



Episode 47

Topic: DCU > ROO

Date: 06/12/12

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Eric Wyman & Dave Calarco

Runtime: 1:33:13

File Size: 149 mb


Episode 46: Convince a Musician

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This week on the podcast I am joined by Drew and 2 guests, Chris Bertolet and past panelist Sam Davis. Our mission for the night: Convince a Musician (that the Phish plays good stuff). Specifically, the task was to present examples of each member of the band at their finest. In other words, to play something that would show a professional musician that each member of this band is a master of their craft. Of course, this might imply that the listener is either unfamiliar with the music or has a bias that needs to be overcome. Which, as you will learn over the next hour and a half, tends to happen all too often. The panel presents twelve clips (three for each band member) to support their case to our theoretical musician. All of the clips are premium selections and the commentary to support them is articulate and insightful. You will leave having learned something. At worst, you will leave with slight face-meltage.

Thanks for listening. See everyone in Worcester!

- Steve

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