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Episode 46: Convince a Musician


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This week on the podcast I am joined by Drew and 2 guests, Chris Bertolet and past panelist Sam Davis. Our mission for the night: Convince a Musician (that the Phish plays good stuff). Specifically, the task was to present examples of each member of the band at their finest. In other words, to play something that would show a professional musician that each member of this band is a master of their craft. Of course, this might imply that the listener is either unfamiliar with the music or has a bias that needs to be overcome. Which, as you will learn over the next hour and a half, tends to happen all too often. The panel presents twelve clips (three for each band member) to support their case to our theoretical musician. All of the clips are premium selections and the commentary to support them is articulate and insightful. You will leave having learned something. At worst, you will leave with slight face-meltage.

Thanks for listening. See everyone in Worcester!

- Steve


Episode 46

Topic: Convince a Musician

Date: 06/04/12

Host: Stephen Olker

Producer: Drew Hitz

Guest: Chris Bertolet and Sam Davis

Runtime: 1:38:40

File Size: 149.8mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

4 thoughts on “Episode 46: Convince a Musician

  1. favorite episode to date! now I’m fired up for the tour to start

  2. Here are the clips from this episode… as promised.

    Mike Clips:

    Drew 7/13/94 Slave
    Sam 8/1/98 Tweezer
    Chris 10/30/98 NICU

    Page Clips:

    Sam 8/3/03 Chalkdust – LP swap
    Chris 12/30/94 Tweezer
    Drew 12/9/95 YEM

    Trey Clips:

    Chris 7/8/94 Stash
    Drew 11/26/97 Taste
    Sam 6/18/94 Bowie

    Fish Clips:

    Drew 12/31/95 Weekapaug
    Sam 7/21/99 My Left Toe
    Chris 2/16/03 Piper

  3. MORE LIKE THIS!!!! Definitely my favorite episode of Type II Cast so far!!! Well done!!!

  4. With a bit of irony, in regards to the last Fishman clip of the Viper – if you watch the video of the jam on YouTube you get to see overt communication between Mike and Fishman before the stop-start section, something you don’t see outright like that too often. Mike turns to Fishman, nods and points to Trey, clearly signalling the stop-start section. The irony is because this clip is meant to show how amazing it is the way Fishman navigates the stop-start section but if you watch the video and listen carefully, Fishman actually misses on the exact time to stop the first time they do it and you can see clearly that Mike turns to Fishman and they smile at each other almost saying…I know, I know…I missed it.

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