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Episode 47: DCU > ROO (2012)


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It’s that time of the year again. When we here at type 2 cast bring you current reviews of each show from the current Phish tour. This episode marks the beginning of the reviews for summer 2012. First at bat: Eric Wyman, Dave Calarco, and myself. All 3 of us hit the DCU center for both nights, and then locked into the Bonnaroo webcast. And for this episode, as you would expect, we found the best clips and offer anecdotes, insight and more to provide a complete review for these 3 shows. And this will be the formula for the rest of the summer. Subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss anything, and be sure to spread some type 2 love around.

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Episode 47

Topic: DCU > ROO

Date: 06/12/12

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Eric Wyman & Dave Calarco

Runtime: 1:33:13

File Size: 149 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

3 thoughts on “Episode 47: DCU > ROO (2012)

  1. Steve Olker I think your awesome man but if you did a podcast on garlic grilled cheese you would find some way to add in your disdain for 2.0.

  2. While I agree there’s some degree of dumbing down the setlists for these festivals, you shouldn’t necessarily give Radiohead too much relative credit. Their Roo set was probably more consistent with the rest of their tour compared to Phish, but have you seen their setlists, they must have a 30-40% repeat rate night to night. They always tend to play a lot of their new material, but there’s a 100% chance you will see two of their top five songs every night (in roughly the same spot in the setlist!!!!). They’ve done 28 shows this year, and played four songs in every show, 16 songs in at least 20 of those shows.

  3. Here are the clips from the episode:

    1) Carini
    2) Ghost
    3) BORW
    4) Roses > Jam
    5) Gin
    6) Sand > Nellie Kane
    7) Tweezer →
    8) Carini > Shafty
    9) Gambler

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