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Episode 48: Bader Field (2012)


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This week on the show, Scotty, Tao Pauly and I review the 3 night “festival” run from Atlantic City, NJ a few days ago. We all were in attendance and couldn’t have been happier with the grounds, crowd and all around quality playing. Those in attendance were treated to some type 2 jams, stage banter and segues a plenty, adding up to a well rounded 6 sets. We had lots to choose from and present you with 10 clips, the exact details of which will be released at a later date. In the meantime, load us up onto your music device and take a trip with us to Bader Field.

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Episode 48

Topic: Bader Field

Date: 06/20/12

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Scott Bernstein and Tao Pauly

Runtime: 1:06:16

File Size: 104.1mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 48: Bader Field (2012)

  1. glad u brought up the hula lights..way to much goin on!

  2. Clips:
    1 Tube 2:45 – 4:35
    2 Birds 9:00 > BOTT 0:35
    3 Twst 7:51 > Piper 1:50
    4 Wolfman’s / Horse Abort 12:27 > Lawn Boy 0:20
    5 Crosseyed 9:16 > Slave 0:20
    6 Light 5:30 – 6:30
    7 Light 11:07 > 14:09
    8 WOTC 8:55 > 10:55
    9 Drowned 7:46 > 10:30
    10 (outro) Reba 6:51 > 10:14

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