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Episode 50: OH>PA>OH (2012)


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You guys,

I’m gonna keep this one short. This episode covers the Riverbend > Starlake > Blossum run from Summer Tour 2012. Joining me are Tanya and past guest, friend of the show Josh Korin. This was a great three days and as expected it took us a while to cover everything. Great setlists, antics, whale calls, type 17, plinko, and even a bustout litter these six sets. Josh was lucky enough to hit all three, while Tanya and I were confined to the land of ghetto couch tour and a failing Live Phish app. We hold no grudges for missing out on a great run and enjoyed every minute of of our ten clips for the evening. Check back soon in the comments for the track listing.

Thanks for listening and we will see you guys after Alpine.


PS: We need Lushington signs at Jones Beach.


Episode 50

Topic: Riverbend, Starlake, Blossom 2012

Date: 06/26/12

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Tanya Sperry

Guest: Josh Korin

Runtime: 1:34:34

File Size: 134mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

4 thoughts on “Episode 50: OH>PA>OH (2012)

  1. Thanks ladies and gents. I appreciate hearing another’s point of view on everything! This tour is a fun-rocker. Y’all got that right.
    1 question: I know it’s cool to hear that they covered someone as varied as Andrew Lloyd Webber, but does it bum anyone out when you think it’s improv while listening and then upon review you find out it was somewhat of a cover?

    • Thanks for listening and commenting. It didn’t bum me out at all-in fact just the opposite. I also like to understand literary and art references, though. For me, getting the reference only adds to the experience because it is an invitation into the artist’s train of thought.

  2. ah,,should have thrown a clip of the mule..great interaction with each other than then throw it to the audience,Good shit! if page was on theramin just a little longer. good stuff another great review

  3. Clips:
    1. Peaches (0:00-1:20)
    2. Twist 1 (4:00-5:00)
    3. Twist 2 (9:00-12:40)
    4. Maze (3:00-4:00)
    5. Light (10:30 and let it run into Paug)
    6. Weekapaug (7:00-8:00)
    6.5) Golden Age > Ghost 8:30 > 1:00
    7. Ghost > sweet virginia 9:10 – > 1:00
    8. Tweezer (4:35-9:35
    9. Shaggy Dog (outro)

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