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Episode 53: SPAC (2012)

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We find ourselves at the last stop on Summer 2012′s Leg 1. We had 3 nights nestled ever so gently into a state park at Saratoga Springs. We had a few bustouts, the type 2 jams, and creative setlists. Overall, we definitely had 3 great nights of music. So it should be no surprise that I was excited to review this run with fellow panelist Chris Glushko and guest Josh Korin. We technically chose 13 clips in all, which may just be the most ever, though we doubt anyone will mind. If you do, please leave a comment on the blog. In fact, send us all your hate mailz, we dare you.

Thanks for listening. We will see you on leg 2.

- Steve

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Episode 52: Jones Beach (2012)

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Well guys, I know it’s only been a few days since the last episode and most of you haven’t even heard that yet, but we just couldn’t wait to keep talking about this Summer Tour 2012. So tonight I am joined by panelist Scotty B. and past guest / phish.neter Adam Scheinberg and we “wax poetic” about this 2-day run on Long Island over the July 4th holiday. Scotty and I were in attendance, while Adam held down the official couch tour. All three of us enjoyed the ultimate bust-out factor, loved the variety in each of the first sets and thought there were type 2 jams to hold up with the best. While this won’t go down as the best two day run in Phishtory, it should certainly have some replay factor for years to come.

Thanks for listening,


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Episode 51: Deer Creek > Alpine Valley (2012)

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This week on the program I am joined by Dave Calarco and Parker Harrington and we embark on the wonderful journey that is reviewing the two Deer Creek and two Alpine Valley shows from summer 2012. These two classic Phish venues almost never disappoint and this year was no different. With the shows falling at just past the halfway point of tour, the boys were in full swing and dealt us beautifully crafted setlists, precise improvisation and some more stage antics. We could have thrown a dart at the setlists and hit a great clip each time but as usual cut down to what we felt were the ten best.

Thanks for listening,


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