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Episode 53: SPAC (2012)


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We find ourselves at the last stop on Summer 2012’s Leg 1. We had 3 nights nestled ever so gently into a state park at Saratoga Springs. We had a few bustouts, the type 2 jams, and creative setlists. Overall, we definitely had 3 great nights of music. So it should be no surprise that I was excited to review this run with fellow panelist Chris Glushko and guest Josh Korin. We technically chose 13 clips in all, which may just be the most ever, though we doubt anyone will mind. If you do, please leave a comment on the blog. In fact, send us all your hate mailz, we dare you.

Thanks for listening. We will see you on leg 2.

- Steve


Episode 53

Topic: Spac 2012

Date: 07/23/12

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Chris Glushko

Guest: Josh Korin

Runtime: 1:47:52

File Size: 175.1mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

6 thoughts on “Episode 53: SPAC (2012)

  1. Great convo guys. I think what you were trying to get at regarding the blister and the psycho killer were that they sort of forced them into the jam. At the 97 Dayton, the Psycho killer was much more organic (this was 97 though, tough to ever match IMO). They didn’t exactly play each of those songs, it makes the show more interesting at the time, but when the lyrics are sort of chanted over the jam, it doesn’t exactly qualify to me as them having ‘covered’ the song.

  2. not 1 clip from nite 2,lol!

  3. typeIIcast t-shirt idea:
    front: “Best Party Time ever!”
    back: “Therefore…exactly.”

    Love the cast, thanks guys.

  4. Clips:

    1. tube > PH >Tube – 1:15 > 1:45
    2. Light Up – 3:45 > 7:10
    3. Sally – 5:45 > 9:30
    4. Ghost – 7:50 > 11:05

    5. Gin – 8:00 > 9:05

    6. Party Time – 2:30 > 4:30 & 6:15 > 7:30
    7. Melt – 7:15 > 10:45
    8. Light > twist – 9:45 > 0:20
    9. KDF – 5:45 > 8:50
    10. Piper – 8:30 > 11:00 & 12:00 > 15:05

    11. outro: Blister in the Sun (dwd 5:00 > BITS > dwd 3:10)

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