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Episode 55: Kansas City > Pelham > Atlanta (2012)


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Leg 2 of summer tour continues and so does the fresh content on type 2 cast. Continuing the trend from last episode, the panel is another “+1,” consisting of regular guest Josh Korin and myself. To set the stage, neither of us were there, and that’s OK. We did catch the webcast from Pelham and hope to see this trend continue as we both had a blast. We picked nine of the best clips from these three shows but changed up the formula for the outro. This episode was streamed live and the chat room picked the last clip. We’ve been trying new things on type 2 and we will continue to mix it up for the next two episodes. Don’t miss out!

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Episode 55

Topic: Kansas City > Pelham > Atlanta

Date: 08/28/2012

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Josh Korin

Runtime: 1:37:06

File Size: 155.5mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 55: Kansas City > Pelham > Atlanta (2012)

  1. Halley comet was 5:40 to bad for the rip cord, the crowd was ready for the jam and so was the band except trey what gives? I was at the show and the RNR was awesome and the Highlight of leg 2 Phish tour since BG3 including atl,ctl,stl and ok.

  2. The Clips:

    1. Stash 9:00 > 12:00
    2. Tweezer
    -a: 4:45 > 7:05
    -b: 9:00 > 11:00
    3. Hood 5:45 > 8:00

    4. BOTT 4:00 > 7:00
    5. R&R 11:30 > 15:00
    6. Sand > Twist 6:30 > 0:30

    7. Golden Age 5:50 > 9:00
    8. Light > Velvet Sea 06:40 > 0:20
    9. Chalkdust > WTU 4:30 > 02:00

    Outro: Skin it Back

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