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Episode 56: Charlotte > St Louis > Oklahoma City (2012)


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We are in the home stretch now of our Summer 2012 reviews and it is bittersweet to say the least. I’m glad that we get a break from getting these reviews up as quick as possible, but sad that we have no more Phish shows until NYE. For this penultimate episode of the summer, I am joined by TWoL host and prior guest, Stephen Tuzeneu. Keeping the phormat here on Type II phresh, we decided to try out a “Power Hour”. We set a goal to finish the three show reviews in 60 minutes flat and bust out the clips without any introductions. Did we succeed? Tune in to find out.

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Episode 56

Topic: Charlotte > St Louis > Oklahoma City

Date: 09/04/2012

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Stephen Tuzeneu

Runtime: 1:00:42

File Size: 100mb


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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 56: Charlotte > St Louis > Oklahoma City (2012)

  1. Love it when I have no idea what clip you’re playing. Often it’s obvious from the start, but it’s still fun to see how fast you can recognize it. So fine with me if never pre-announce clips again!

    Also, you said Phish never played at/in a Zoo, don’t forget the legendary 8/6/93 show when they busted out Slave.

  2. Clips:
    1. ocelot 4:45 – 8:00
    2. Crosseyed > McGruff 9:00 > 0:45
    3. tweezer 8:30 – 12:00

    4. Chalkdust > Frankie Says 7:00 > 0:35
    5. Frankie Says > Undermind 04:20 > 0:35
    6. Undermind > Sand 5:30 > 0:15
    7. Limb x Limb 05:00 > 7:30
    8. Limb x Limb 09:15 > 12:30

    9. Wolfman’s 3:30 > 05:15
    10. STFTFP 2:20 > 4:00
    11. Hood 6:30 > 9:30 (outro)

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