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Supplement for Episode 59

As promised, below are the full versions of Hood discussed in Episode 59. 


- Steve

Intro: 1994-07-16

Clip 1: 1995-12-30

Clip 2: 1997-08-17

Clip 3: 1995-12-05

Clip 4: 2010-12-28

Clip 5: 1998-12-31

Outro: 1994-10-20


Episode 59: You Can Feel Good. . .

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For our latest episode of Type II Cast we’re trying something a bit different than we’ve done in the past. Our whole episode is devoted to the song Harry Hood. Panelist Scott Bernstein starts us off by giving a brief history of the tune and explaining what we’ve tried to accomplish with this episode – to figure out what makes the song so special and what makes certain versions better than others.

Over the course of the hour-long podcast, Scott talks with panelists Dave “Mr. Miner” Calarco, Steve Olker, Chris Glushko and Eric Wyman as well as first-time guest Brian Bavosa to talk about their special connection with this “quintessential Phish song.” Each guest also talks about their favorite Harry Hood. So sit back, feel good and enjoy this very special episode of Type II Cast.

Thanks for listening.

PS: Full versions of each Hood are posted in this supplement.

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Episode 58: Summer 2012 – An Unexpected Twist

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After three months and eleven episodes, summer tour has come and gone. The leaves are changing and we are left with only our anticipation towards NYE and hopefully some great memories. Keeping with tradition, we needed to do some kind of recap before moving on. This time we have Eric Wyman and Chris Bertolet, who share a mere five clips in order to paint the picture of summer 2012 from their point of view. I, on the other hand, happily stayed quiet at the controls as I definitely needed a break by this point. Clips are presented “mystery jam” style, so play along at home. Bonus points if you can guess the outro clip.

Thanks for listening,


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