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Episode 60: New Year’s Remix


Listen to Episode 60

The type II panel loves New Year’s Shows. So much in fact that, despite a past similar episode, we needed to talk about our favorite moments once again. Drew held down the hosting duties for this episode and was joined by Scott, Josh, and myself. Collectively, the cast has seen every New Year’s run since ’93, which provides countless great moments on a variety of levels. Tonight, we chose 11 clips that the panel considers special. I’m confident there will be a few surprises.

Sit back, relax, and kill an hour reliving some New Year’s moments with us. We hope to see you at MSG next month, but until then, we have one more episode on Y.E.M. in 2 weeks. Stay tuned.

Thanks for listening,

- Steve


Episode 60

Title: New Year’s Remix

Host: Drew Hitz

Panel: Scott Bernstein, Josh Korin.

Producer: Stephen Olker

Time: 1:16:44

Size: 123.2 mb

(Note on credits: Host credit will go to who developed the topic / leads the conversation. Panel /guest credits given to all contributors during the episode. Producer credit for all technical / audio / other episode production needs.)

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

12 thoughts on “Episode 60: New Year’s Remix

  1. ended at 42mins for me

  2. great show gentlemen …..

  3. this may be my favorite episode yet! well done boys!

  4. awesome episode! So glad you mentioned the unique speaker system in Providence on 12/29/94, I was beginning to think I had ‘imagined’ that from under my seat!

  5. all good ,musta be a glitch.

  6. Steve or Drew: Could you please add a list of the clips you played and shows discussed to the show notes? I listen to the episode and the car and when I get home I want to dig out the full songs. Thanks.

  7. Clips:
    1 12/29/94 David Bowie 21:20 – 25:00
    2 12/29/95 Bathtub Gin->The Real Me 09:45 – 02:20
    3 12/29/97 Possum 02:10 – 04:45
    4 12/30/97 Black Eyed Katy->Sneakin’ Sally 04:20 – 02:10
    5 12/31/98 1999 00:10 – 3:00
    6 12/31/99 After Midnight 0:00 – 2:20
    7 1/3/03 Contact 3:10 – 6:03
    8 12/30/09 BOTT 06:00 – 09:00
    9 12/31/10 Ghost 07:30 – 09:55
    10 1/1/11 Simple 06:15 – 09:00

  8. Greatness!! New Years run is always my favorite run of the year
    I was at 92 (12/30, 12/31), 93,94,95,96,97,98,99, 03,09, next up 2012 at #YEMSG see you there.

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