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Episode 67: Nerdgasm, Part 3


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The Ultimate Phish ‘Nerdgasm’ Part 3: Sweet Sixteen to the Champion

Howdy once again and welcome back for part three in what has become quite an epic Type II adventure. For this final installment, Chris, Steve Paolini, and I began at the Sweet Sixteen round and played through until we crowned a champion. Again, you really need to listen to both previous episodes to be caught up to speed, as we don’t waste any time going over the rules that made up the selection process. Also, please download the bracket in order to play along at home. This episode features clips of each of the top sixteen jams and the entirety of the winning song to close us out. So block off the next two hours of your life and get ready to find out what Type II Cast deems the “best” phish jam.

Agree or disagree with how things turned out? Let us know below. Also, you can find links to stream all of the jams via this google doc. Thanks for listening, see everyone in two weeks.

- Steve

Title: Nerdgasm, Part 3

Record Date: 03/27/2013

Host: Stephen Olker

Producer: Chris Glushko

Guest: Steve Paolini

Run Time: 2:11:31

File Size: 221.19

Final Bracket

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

8 thoughts on “Episode 67: Nerdgasm, Part 3

  1. Roses->Piper,FTW!

  2. Interesting podcast. That Gin is a real bad ass jam. Can’t really go wrong with any of those choices.

  3. A few of these were just not on my radar, Deer Creek Cities, Dallas Gin. Wow, awesome!

  4. Cool show. I can imagine this took a lot of time and effort. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t get the “Viper.” I think there might be 64 other jams I prefer over it. How did it beat the 11/17/97 Ghost, leaving no 97 jams in the Final Four? Also, the 7/2/97 Stash out in the first round? I place that in the top 10 jams of all time. And no love for the 7/10/99 Chalkdust?

    I guess the beauty of Phish is that they have so many amazing jams that everyone will always have different opinions.

    • Could not agree more re: Viper, well maybe make it 100 jams I prefer more. I just never got into that 2.0 maniacal noise style jamming. Its more like all 4 band members screaming for attention than my preferred style where they layer in pieces together to yield more than the sum of their parts. I blame it all on Glushko!

  5. Clips (I realize this isn’t the usual format, but it’s how I queued this episode. I didn’t prepare in order as I didn’t know. And I’m honestly 2 lazy to go back and double check the order.)

    All 3 min from the starting point:

    7/29/98 Gin 17:00

    12/29/95 Real Gin Same clip as last time (sort of has to be that way)

    8/10/97 Cities 15:00

    11/26/94 Bowie 29:00

    11/28/94 Tweezer 18:30

    7/22/97 Mike’s – last 3 min of Mike’s, faded out as Simple starts

    6/19/04 Piper – 22:00

    4/3/98 Roses – 11:00 of “Nassau Jam”

    Tweezabella – 16:30-19:30

    Providence Bowie: 22-25

    Dick’s Light 20-23

    Prov Bowie 22-25

    Albany YEM 17-20

    Denver Ghost 10:40-13:40

    Viper 14:40-17:40

    Boise Bag 13-16

    Drowned > R&R 3 min leading into segue

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