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Episode 68: Desert Island Tweezer


This week on the podcast, we step into the freezer to discuss one of the biggest jam vehicles in the Phish cannon: Tweezer. Leading the discussion is panelist Drew, who has been know to fancy the tune. The episode is built around a “desert island scenario.” Joining him are veteran guests of Type II, Dave Calarco and Charlie Dirksen. Drew asked each panelist for the ten versions of Tweezer that they would bring to said island to make their stay more enjoyable. The panel then discussed the ten most commonly chosen versions among them. Of course, we have supplemented the in depth analysis and fun show anecdotes with ample clips. By the end of the episode, there will be laughs, there will be tears, and I guarantee you will have learned something. What Tweezers would you take to a desert island? Let us know in the comments below. We will be back in two weeks to talk about the Great Went.

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UPDATE 04/27/2013 – Click Through for Additional Information About this Episode.

Show Notes:

Episode 68

Title: Desert Island Tweezer

Date: 04/16/2013

Host: Stephen Olker

Producer: Drew Hitz

Guests: Charlie Dirksen and Dave Calarco

Run Time: 1:48:50

File Size: 162 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

11 thoughts on “Episode 68: Desert Island Tweezer

  1. Well played sirs. Glad to hear some favorites here. Of course the Palace 97 Tweezer/Izabella is truly amazing. I know some folks consider it overrated but I’m a huge fan of the 11/17/97. It’s typical 97 funk at first and then goes all Trey BUT, I think the way Trey builds his solo is very different and quite masterful. And yes I’m the guy who has not heard the 2012 Tweezer. I’ll try to fix that.

  2. I just found this podcast. Awesome work guys! I’ll be listening from now on! Just a nit-picky detail: there was one Cities between ’88 and ’97, it was on 7.5.94.

    • Of course there was! I had that Ottawa show on tape and listened to that Cities over and over and over again back in the day. I guess since I missed that one by only 2 shows I was pretending it didn’t exist. Nice catch!

      And we’re really glad you stumbled upon us. Cheers!

  3. Great show! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  4. Any chance you could post the list of Tweezers? I know it’s only 10 but I listen on my commute so it’s hard to write them down. Thanks!

    • Love the show but I was also wondering if maybe a show/hide feature with the clips from each episode could be used so you can post the tracks earlier without spoiling it for anyone who didn’t want to see it yet. Been eagerly awaiting as well (listened to it during commute too). Can’t wait for the multi-part Tweezer episode ;)

      • I will 95% of the time post the clip timings in the comments section 1-2 weeks after the original post date. So one could avoid scrolling down. Or, subscribe in iTunes or on Stitcher and then you won’t miss an episode and can just reference the site for additional info.

        Thanks for checking us out!

  5. Clips

    1) 6/22/95—11:30-16:30
    2) 8/1/98—11:00-15:30
    3) 5/7/94 —9:45-14:45
    4) 6/14/95 —34:45-39:00
    5) 12/2/95 —9:00-13:00
    6) 12/6/97 —11:00-15:10
    7) 11/28/94 —36:30-42:30
    8) 2/28/03 —17:30-24:00
    9) 6/24/00—6:30-9:30
    10) 4/5/94—4:45-7:35
    11) 12/9/94—20:00-25:05 (outro)

  6. Having attended both Tahoe shows this summer, I think the Tahoeezer would make the desert island short list. I am definitely biased though, since it is the most amazing jam I have witnessed since my first show in the fall of ’96. So how do does the Tahoeezer stack up with the rest of the favs?

    I got to witness (and tape) the St Louis show last year, where the Limb by Limb definitely made the ‘best of’ short list as well, and I am thrilled to see da boyz so tuned in to what each other has to say these past few years, especially when the jam goes Type II. These jams, ladies and gentlemen, are why so many of us spend the money (and vacation time) we do to follow these musicians around the country. We are chasing the chance to witness the magic that happens when the stars align and these boyz’ souls channel inspired creation through group improvisation, as only these funky masters of polyrhythmic syncopation have mustered… XXXtra mustered! ;)

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