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Episode 69: The Great Went


Listen to Episode 69: The Great Went

This week on the program we continue our effort to review all past Phish festivals, which, if you are playing along at home, means that we have landed at The Great Went. Phish’s first of three fests from Limestone, Maine, this was the band’s biggest concert to date and it definitely did not disappoint. Scotty B is in the driver’s seat for tonight and we are joined by Dave Calarco, Brian Bavosa, and Chris Bertolet. The cast covers everything from the tour leading up to The Went, the impact of this event on festivals to come, what the scene was like, and even the weather. It should be no surprise that we have pulled the best clips to represent this amazing event (spoiler: one is The Gin).

Have a memory from The Went you want to share? Leave a comment below. We will be back in two weeks, details to be determined. Thanks for listening,

- Steve

Show Notes:

Episode 69

Title: The Great Went

Date: 05/01/2013

Host: Scotty Bernstein

Guests: Dave Calarco, Brian Bavosa, Chris Bertolet

Producer: Stephen Olker

Run Time: 1:40:07

File Size: 118.6 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

5 thoughts on “Episode 69: The Great Went

  1. I still get chills when I think about watching that glow-stick war happen organically for the first time and listening to the band play off of it. I was close enough to see them all watch and react to what was going on. It was as if, for that one moment, as they were watching the sea of green glow-sticks, they were having the same exact experience I was. Pretty cool and my most intense Phish experience ever.

  2. Y’all were doing a fine job until you failed to even mention how that incredible Gin was followed in the same set by the longest 2001 to date (surpassed only by 7/17/98 Gorge) AND the first ever spontaneous glowstick combustion jam in the Hood (a historic moment to say the least.) Check out my X-Philes reportage on how this all was hardly coincidence http://web.archive.org/web/20060507053715/http://www.stardog2012.homestead.com/xphiles97.html

  3. My favorite memory of the Went besides the music and the scene was the Naked Picture! I woke up early Sunday morning and ran for what felt like at least a mile to make sure I got in the picture. I showed up and got a permission slip waiver whatever, signed it then stood there until someone with a megaphone announced “take off all your clothes and wait for further instruction”, haha i stood there next to another girl a bit younger than me. I was 25 she was probably 20, then on the other side of me was a very old man. a hippie with a long grey beard. We stood there naked laughing, sharing a joint. Then we were told to lay down on the concrete and pose a couple of poses. I received my black and white picture of all 1000 of us and it’s framed on my bedroom wall. I was so happy, so proud I went home and told my mom “I just posed naked with 999 other phish heads” she replied “i wouldn’t tell anyone else that”.

  4. Clips Final:

    1) Makisupa Policeman -> Harpua (03:55 > 00:20)

    2) Wolfman’s Brother -> Simple (16:22 > 00:19)

    3) Simple (The Odd Couple Theme) (00:00 > 03:58)

    4) Halley’s Comet -> Cities (10:55 > 02:20)

    5) Limb By Limb (09:33 > 12:36)

    6) Tweezer (13:49 > 16:49)

    7) DWD (16:30 > 20:07)

    8) Bathtub Gin (7:23 > 14:34)
    9) Art Jam Speech (Outro: 00:00 > 09:00)

  5. Didn’t listen to the whole thing yet, but hope you mentioned the gorgeous sounding FM tapes that came out of these shows. Still my fav sounding show ever. I listened to my day 1 set 3 tape to death!

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