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The 2nd Annual Game Show “Contest”


Hey everyone,

The time has come for Type II Cast to host another game show, and it’s gonna be a good one. On this episode, we will have three contestants competing in a Jeopardy style tournament, answering a mix of Phish trivia and “name that clip” style questions. I will be hosting and have enlisted the vast knowledge of Parker (aka @TMWSIY) and Steve Paolini (aka Lumpblockclod) to write the questions.

The first two contestants are panelist Scotty B (aka YEMBlog) and long time guest of the show Dave Calarco (aka Mr. Miner). The third contestant will be one lucky and knowledgeable listener. Who that listener will be is up to you! We are taking applications now to fill this slot. If you want to compete, you must meet these requirements:

- You got mad Phish skills. This is crucial since you will be competing against YEMblog and Mr. Miner.

- You are available to play on 6/12/2013 between 8:30PM and 10:00PM Eastern.

- You have a computer, internet, and Skype.

To be considered for the listener slot add a comment below and give a blurb about why you want to play, who you are, links to any blog stuff you do, contact info, etc. In short, convince me why you are the right person to go head to head with Scotty and Dave. I will pick a qualified listener by Sunday, June 9th at noon. Feel free to leave any questions and I will address those as well.

Let the games begin!


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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

10 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Game Show “Contest”

  1. I’ve been a long-time Type II Cast listener and would love a chance to play! Hate to obnoxiously pimp myself here, but you did request qualifications, so here goes:

    I was a seven-time winner of Phish.net’s Mystery Jam Monday, and eventually took over for Steve Paolini and have been running it for the last couple of months now. Since the day I attended my first show (10/19/96 Buffalo), I’ve been obsessed with Phish, their music, and have soaked up their history, setlists, songs, and other assorted minutiae. Competing against two of the best-known contributors of the online fan community would be an absolutely thrilling experience.

  2. I’m obsessed with Phish. It’s my entire life. I’m 20 years old but all I do is listen to Phish, research Phish and read Phish. I run http://www.onephishtwophish.com and am always looking to meet people who love Phish as much as I do. Competing against Dave and Scotty would be an honor. I think having a young gun going against the older guys would be like watching Kyrie against Lebron and Kobe. This would be a dream come true to do something like this. As I said, my entire life is Phish. My twitter handle is @jameskam17

  3. My obsession with Phish began in 2009. It is unfortunate that I was blind to the magic of this band before, but it is what it is and I am making up for lost time as much as I can. After my first show (6/12/09) it all just clicked, made sense. I knew I had found something amazing that I wanted to really be a part of. I am now up to (a measly) 47 shows with my biggest tour yet (17 shows) rapidly approaching.

    For the past two years I have been listening to all walks of Phish for a minimum of 40hrs of week in thePhish room on Turntable.FM. This room was absolutely the catalyst that vaulted me in to Phish-nerd status. Our goal in there is to uncover every possible gem out there, and man are there a lot of them. Even with this large amount of time spent perusing the live catalog I am still amazed weekly (if not daily) at the tracks we continue to discover. I created thePhish room on 8/15/11 and it has been life changing from then on. Managing this room has gotten me more ingrained and more in touch with this amazing community and the band that induced it than ever thought possible.

    Also because of this room I have become infatuated with improving the sound quality of the lesser-known shows. You will see that in my extensive list of remasters. So many shows and top-notch tracks go unlistened to because of their poor audio quality. You may have also seen/heard my audio work in projects such as Faux The Archives, Game Tapes Forum, and The Daily Ghost. I moderate the Phish subreddit and run the @rphish Twitter account (created primarily to aggregate all Phish content across the web). It would be an honor to compete against these two guys who have truly paved the way for not just the online world, but the Phish community in general. (“minor Phish celebrities”, if you will :P)









    Other projects:





    Thanks and good luck to whoever gets this spot. There are a LOT of highly qualified people in this community and this contest seems like a really fun idea!


  4. I should be picked because I believe I can give Dave and Scotty a run for their money.. but mostly cause I think it would be fun for the players and the listeners!

  5. I want to play Phish Jeopardy because I know I will win. My knowledge of Phish is unfathomable to even gods. I know more about Phish than the guys in the band do. I came out of the womb to a sick 94 Bowie that melted the poor doctor’s face. Do not pick me if you want Mr Miner or Scotty to win this thing; I will humiliate them.

  6. Jeff Holdsworth is my dad.

  7. All’s I’ll say is this: Not a day goes by where I don’t read Mr. Miner or listen to Type II and correct the both of you over numerous jam/date slips. I’ve an encyclopedic mind for Phish. Combine this with my lengthy prose on the band’s history – check out my Phish blog tackleandlines.wordpress.com – and I’m the ideal person to take part in a game show versus Mr. Miner and Scotty. Give me a shot and you’ll be glad you did.

    Phish Blog: Tackle & Lines – tackleandlines.wordpress.com

  8. yes! this is great. Can’t wait!

  9. I’ve been seeing shows since 1991 and have I don’t know how many shows, but I would be lousy at this… I will enjoy listening to it however!

  10. Type 2 vs. Mystery jam facility

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