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Episode 74: Alpharetta > Chicago (2013)


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This week on the podcast, we bring you reviews of not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, BUT 5 SHOWS. This is quite possibly our longest episode ever, but there is quite a lot of ground to cover, so don’t blame me! That all said, I was very pleased to be joined by panelist Josh Korin and past guest Parker Harrington. None of us were at Alpharetta (unfortunately), but both Josh and I were at Chicago and Parker did couchtour proper. Of course we have dissected these shows tirelessly over the past few days and found 12 clips that capture some of our favorite parts. Mix that in with all of our banter, anecdotes, and insight, and you end up with a Phish podcast done “The Right Way.”

Thanks for listening! We hope you will keep us locked all tour long.

- Steve

Show Notes:

Episode 74

Title: Alpharetta > Chicago (2013)

Date: 07/25/2013

Host / Producer: Stephen Olker

Panel: Josh Korin

Guest: Parker Harrington

Run Time: 2:01:17

File Size: 155.6 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

6 thoughts on “Episode 74: Alpharetta > Chicago (2013)

  1. Another great show, I’m glad someone agreed with me the Alpharetta night two was better than night one!

  2. Dug this episode, but I was really surprised you didn’t clip Tweezer- > Silent. That transition may not have been the most spectacular, but it sure was beautiful.

    And that CDT *was* amazing. Thanks for spotlighting it.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. I could have done without the 2nd City part of Harpua, but the Mike narration was awesome imo.

  4. I think it should be worth mentioning that after using it heavily in the first week or so of the tour Trey has been rarely touching his Digitech Whammy pedal (whale sounds.) I agree that to a certain extent they read the blog pages. I wonder if Trey got some of the negative feedback. I agree that he was using it more tastefully, but songs like Bowie haven’t been getting the whale treatment like they did during the first handful of shows.

  5. I wanted to get some thoughts on the Piper played both in Alpharetta and Chicago. Listen to these and then go back an listen to the Hampton version on 11/20/98. I’ve been in and out of listening over the past few years and I was interested to get some feedback on this. IMO the Piper from 98 crushes what they are playing today. The build in 98 vs. lyrics pretty much right away now. I was in Alpharetta and I had a great time. Thoughts?

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