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Episode 75: Toronto > The Gorge (2013)


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On this episode of Type II Cast we review Toronto > The Gorge which was one hell of a run, in my humble opinion. It is my pleasure to be joined by panelist Scotty B and new guest to the show, Jefferson Waful. You guys may know Jeff from “Vine,” or possibly from doing lights for Umphrey’s McGee, but either way, his love and knowledge of the Phish goes deep. Together Scott and Jeff weave a trifecta of musical analysis, archival insight, and funny anecdotes to paint the picture of these three shows. Supplement that with the bucket full of clips we had to chose from and you are in for one hell of a ride.

Did we miss something? Do you know where the Wilson shirt came from? Is Possum a joke? Does length matter? If you know the answer to any of these questions leave us a note below. We will be back next week with recaps of Tahoe and San Francisco.

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Show Notes:

Episode 75

Title: Toronto > The Gorge (2013)

Date: 07/29/2013

Host / Producer: Stephen Olker

Panel: Scotty Bernstein

Guest: Jefferson Waful

Run Time: 1:31:48

File Size: 111 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

6 thoughts on “Episode 75: Toronto > The Gorge (2013)

  1. I hate the Architect. Send that shit back to TAB Nation !

  2. Thought the new guest was awesome! Bring him back!

  3. The Hood commentary was spot on. I never made that connection, yet now it makes perfect sense. Great insight.

  4. I think Jefferson did a fantastic job on this podcast. As a type ii nut I appreciate his insights – especially his musical analysis. I hope his schedule allows for him to contribute more often. Great fucking job Waful! Thanks for bringing a ton of music theory nerdiness to what is already a fairly nerdy podcast!

  5. I’ll say it again – fantastic job Jefferson! Come back and special guest again soon!

  6. Clips:
    01. DWD 14:30 > 16:45
    02. Tweezer 05:15 > 07:30
    03. Bowie 05:50 > 09:20

    04. Wilson 03:18 > 04:25
    05. Melt 08:00 > 11:00
    06. Crosseyed 13:30 > 15:50
    06a. Crosseyed 16:30 > 18:00
    07. Hood 05:45 > 08:30

    08. Say Something 04:15 > 05:45
    09. Dwd > Undermind > 00:20
    10. Undermind 07:40 > 10:50
    11. Sneaking Sally 05:40 > 8:15

    12. Character Zero (G1) 02:30 > 05:30 (outro)

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